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17 Beauty Secrets and Makeup Tips (For Woman Over 40)

Wanting to freshen up your look? Bored and keen to try something different? See a great look recently but just don’t know how to pull it off? Well you are in the right place. We have scoured the most popular new trends and hunted for the little known secrets that will bring back your glow like never before. So let’s journey together through the 17 best of the best make up and beauty tips for women over 40 the world has to offer.

In a pinch? Your Mascara Can Be Your Eyeliner

Your pencil is just a nub.  Your liquid pen is all used up. Or perhaps you’re on holiday and you just don’t have any liner. Don’t stress. If you have a brush and your mascara you can make this work.

Dig your mascara spoolie into the bottom of the tube and get a nice glob of mascara on it. Transfer the little glob onto a hard, clean surface and then dip a fine-pointed brush in and paint a very thin line along the lashes. Bingo! Disaster averted.

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Brighter Eyeliner Tones

Say goodbye to outdated black liquid liner and say hello to brighter tones. You should opt for a brown shade instead to bring out more forgiving tones. This will open up the eyes and make you look more awake and energetic.
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Are the bags under your eyes leaving you feeling tired? From sliced cucumbers to tea bags to egg whites; everyone seems to have the solution. However an even better and less known method is to soak a couple cotton balls in milk and then put them on your eyelids for 20 to 30 minutes. This beauty secret will leave your eyes less puffy and when used as a regular routine – it will eliminate them completely. You won’t believe this next one…

How many times have you looked down at your recently painted nails, only to realize they have chipped? Well you won’t have to worry about that any longer. From now on just use nail polish remover BEFORE you apply your fingernail polish. This cleans off the oil residue that your eyes can’t see and will leave your nails looking perfect for twice as long. You have everything you need for this next makeup tip sitting in your kitchen…

Having trouble getting the contour on your cheeks just right? Here is an easy fix. Get those cheek bones to stand out in a good way by using a spoon pressed against your cheek to help you blend your initial layer. Afterwards, simply keep blending with the brush until you have that smooth look. Stressed by wrinkles around the lips? Not after you read this…

Looking for a way to remove those tiny wrinkles around the lips? Here’s an easy beauty secret – apply egg whites to the area and wait 4 minutes. Then, gently wipe away the egg whites with a warm cloth; this is a proven way to smooth out those wrinkles. Adding moisturizer when your done will also keep your skin hydrated and beautiful.

Looking for a way to drop belly fat, increase energy levels and feel all around healthier? Well, here is the beauty tip you’ve been looking for. According to numerous scientific studies; drinking 1 to 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar (with a glass of water), 3 times a day ( before meals ) has been proven to reduce weight and cut down on food cravings.

You already know that applying mascara can become very messy. Smudges happen and when they do – it’s frustrating. One easy makeup tip is to use a cut out index card as a template. This keeps that mascara where it belongs – on your eyelashes. Need a great beauty secret for white teeth? Look no further than this next tip…

One easy beauty secret for whitening teeth quickly has always been to brush them with baking soda. Be forewarned – this method is not endorsed by the American Dental Association (ADA) due to the fact that when used over a long period of time it can cause your teeth to become too sensitive. A much safer alternative is to use turmeric. Mix 2 parts turmeric powder with 1 part coconut oil and 1 part baking soda. This forms a paste that you want to keep in a cool place. Use instead of toothpaste as usual and rinse with water. This next one is a very little known old method that really works…

The “Korean Method” of face care is an all around routine that will have your skin looking younger as fast as possible – and it lasts. Simply cleanse with an oil cleanser before using a chemical exfoliant to get rid of those dead skin cells. Then use some toner to refresh, but make sure it’s alchohol-free. Follow it all up with a moisturizer to lock everything in and some SPF and you will feel 10 years younger.

It’s easy to take your hair for granted and not realize how important it is until it starts getting thinner. The medical community has put a lot of time and effort into solutions for this problem with very little tangible results to show for it. Fortunately, one beauty secret does help to hide thin hair. Eyeshadow. Simply use a dark tone eyeshadow on your scalp where it’s beginning to thin and presto; it will become impossible to tell the difference.

Many woman are aware of face masks and the benefits they can bring. Fewer are aware of the concept of multi-masks. Multi-masking is simple – you just use different masks on different parts of your face at the same time. Your “T-zone”, Cheeks, Nose and especially dry patches of skin can all benefit from individual treatment. You can even cut sheet masks to fit individual parts of your face. You’re creativity isn’t limited – so why should your face masks be?

Did you know that in a pinch- you can use lip balm as brow gel? Why purchase extra products that run out too quickly when you can easily grab your lib balm and a clean brush to do the job? Make sure it’s colorless lip balm and if it contains Vitamin Ethat’s even better for your skin.

When it comes to judging how well your makeup will look; nothing is as important as lighting. Many women know the feeling of applying makeup and later in the day realizing – it doesn’t look as good as it did in the mirror at home. You can avoid making this mistake by doing a lighting test before you leave the house. Simply use different light sources (bathroom light, kitchen light, outside natural light) to check how your handy work stacks up in different environments.

You already know that using primer has become a common occurrence among women. Less known is that a better alternative exists- “blurring primer.”  With this closely guarded makeup tip you just apply blurring primer before you put on your foundation and get ready to look years younger in a matter of minutes.

So you’re in a hurry to apply your eyelashes but the glue keeps getting everywhere? Here is one beauty secret that will come in handy in those times. Simply grab a bobby pin and use the round end to apply the glue to the eyelashes. Voila!

Tired of braided hair looking too thin? Looking for volume in those locks? Well, here is one way to ensure that no matter where you are, you will always have a way to add volume to your braids. All you have to do is use a tooth brush to “brush” against the hair and before you know it; you’ll be admiring your new look in the mirror.

Unless you’re using a body spray; you should be applying your fragrance to specific parts of your body. You want to put the fragrance on your hair, inside your elbows, behind your ears, behind your knees, down your back and on your belly button. This will maximize the longevity of the scent.

One of the most beneficial and helpful tools in the realm of makeup and beauty has recently began gaining momentum among older women…Silicone sponges. Throw out your old oily sponge and start using this superior, futuristic one. It’s better for your skin and it lasts a lot longer; making them very reliable.

For women over 50; using foundation with yellow undertones is more beneficial than traditional gold hues. This is because as woman age the gold tends to accentuate the skins natural “Grey” tones. Using yellow instead of gold is a makeup tip that can drastically change your appearance for the better in mere moments.

As you know, a manicure doesn’t last forever. You can, however, extend it’s life with this simple beauty secret – just use glitter. Using a layer of glitter near the cuticles once a manicure starts to grow out is a creative and eye catching way to increase the impact of your manicure. This next beauty tip is great if you’ve noticed your eyes looking too “tired”…

You have no doubt heard the age old advice of using SPF regularly to keep your skin healthy and young. You may be surprised to find out that using a higher SPF content compared to a lower one will dramatically boost your skin health and as an added bonus – bring out your skins most youthful attributes.

Even if you’re not a fan of contour- you can still benefit from using the “contour” technique on your lips. That’s right; all you need is complimentary shades of lipstick and liner to achieve this effect. You just outline your lips and fill in with the lipstick (using a lighter shade) and voila; you have beautiful plump lips.

Tired of your powder makeup drying out your face; leaving it stiff and itchy? That’s because powder makeup is counter productive. Even if you apply it perfectly; it will settle into wrinkles you didn’t even know you had and accentuate them. Instead; use a setting spray. You will get a great moisturizing look and your skin will thank you!

A woman on the go? Eyeliner down to a useless nub laying on the bathroom counter where you left it? No worry! All you need is your mascara for a good, quick eyeliner. Just dip your brush onto the end of your mascara and line on as usual.