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19 Funny and Unexpected Design Fails

The concept of a “Design Fail” is rooted strongly in the fact that plans don’t always go as…well, as planned. We have all been in a position where things did not go as expected and the results were funny – and sometimes they are even hilarious!

A person gets an idea and they follow through to make it a reality. Here are some of the internets best examples of people who may or may not have skipped that first step. You will laugh, and maybe even cringe at these “gems” of design!

This bathroom was built …for three? I don’t know what kind of bathroom this is; but I am certain I don’t want to use it. This is an epic and terrible design fail!

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18. Surprise – it’s positive!


This one is a prime example of a hilarious design fail. The ad is for pregnancy tests; however if you notice the couple in the picture – they seem to be faking their “surprise” faces. I wonder why?

17. Why the long face?

This one needs no explanation. Clearly; someone designing this textbook snuck this in as a joke. We hope.

16. Church of The Angry Birds.

The first thing you notice about this picture is that it strongly resembles the face of an “Angry Bird”. The second thing you notice is that it’s a church. If you look a little longer than you should; you might notice that they are one tree short of a nest. Dang.

15. A Slide To Remember.

Imagine being a kid and trying to go down this slide. Certain disaster! Who needs to slip and fall on a banana peel when you can just design a slide that looks like one? This is definitely a major design fail; but you wont believe the next one…

14. Don’t blame The Pencil Sharpener.

You can see that whoever designed these pencils was destined for internet “design fail” immortality. The positive message intended is clear; however after time a different, less helpful, message appears.

13. Are these hieroglyphics?

Imagine driving down a highway and all of a sudden; you have to navigate based on these signs. It is a reality for drivers of Japan; however knowing how to read Japanese probably helps.

12. This crowd seems friendly.

Who suggested that they use pink for the “Not” part, anyhow? The message of this banner differs drastically depending on how far away from it you happen to be. For those in the distance; it is not as welcoming!

11. Those Flip-Flops aren’t even waterproof.

How can anyone think that this was a good idea? It is not suprising to see beer bottles in this photo; as alchohol clearly played a part in this epic design fail.

10. Is this…a mud-slide?

The designer of this slide forgot one basic fundamental – don’t create slides from the rear end of animals. As hilarious as it is; who would even want to slide down that? However, the slide in the next photo is an even worse design fail!

9. I count 78 safety violations in this Design Fail.

It doesn’t matter how safe your playground equipment is if you put it all on the roof.  You’re not gonna have a fun time on those slides and pretty much the rest of it also. The design fail is strong with this one.

8. What kind of dentist is this?

This Dentist ordered a banner for his business and this showed up. He wasn’t so angry though as he clearly snapped a picture to share the laughter. That is surely not how you properly sedate a patient.

7. Imagine these at the X-Games.

This design fail is some sort of monstrosity created from spare bicycle parts and a razor scooter. The real question here is how in the world is that kickstand working?

6. It’s a speedbump for pedestrians.

Don’t walk too fast in this neighborhood; you might get tripped up by this amazing design fail.

5. What a helpful sign.

Here’s another spectacular design fail. Who exactly is this sign going to help?

4. Poorly placed JFK banner.

It’s easy to see how this banner ( broken into four sections ) qualifies as a design fail. The “crosshairs” on the former presidents head offer an eerie glimpse of the past.

3. You need a better translator service.

This epic design fail shows what can happen when your translator service is…well, a little out of touch.

2. You need Scissors to open Scissors.

This would be a frustrating loop to be stuck in. It seems; to open these scissors you might need another pair of scissors. That’s a paradox.

1. There’s not even a sign!

This middle of the road post looks dangerous. I’m guessing there must be a low speed limit around here.

A Poorly Planned Outhouse.

It’s easy to see what’s wrong with this picture. Safe to say this is the most unsafe way to use a safety cone.

More Toilet Humor.

This design failure uses excessive use of duct tape to fix what looks like a broken toilet. Hint: if it still looks broken; it’s probably not fixed.

Another Unrealistic Body Expectation.

As you can see in this photo; these watches are for people with tiny hands only. Considering watches go on the hand; this is one epic  ( and funny ) design fail.


This newspaper must not have read the print before distribution because this is a HUGE design fail. It is suppose to read “Grapefruit”; however they turned the “G” into a picture…leaving a very shocking headline sticking out.

Window Design Fail.

This is one of those images that you think must be photoshopped – but it isn’t. This is a real building where the meaning of the word “window” has been stretched to it’s limits.

Uh, can I switch desks?

This cluster of desks definitely qualifies as one of the top design fails on this list. The school must have had an interesting time explaining this one.

Stairway To The Bathroom.

Imagine having these stairs in your bathroom; leading up to your toilet. What an epic design fail! You would think at least the stairs would be slip resistant!

Which way again?

These two staircases may seem similar – but one is for the disabled. It also seems strangely like the one for the disabled leads to a solid brick wall. Hmmm – that’s a design fail.

19. Emphasis on “innovation”.

This definitely didn’t go as planned – in fact it’s hard to imagine NOT noticing that these two spheres intersect to form a “Venn Diagram” that paints a very strange picture! You won’t believe this next one, though…