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23 Times Mainstream Media Has Been Caught Lying ( 95% Of People Still Believe Lie #5 )

 The mainstream media has a huge credibility problem. In a recent study only 7% of people said they trusted the media. But is this lack of trust warranted? Here are some of the top whoppers told by the media.

“Hands Up, Don’t Shoot.”

The mainstream media claimed Michael Brown held his hands up and cried, “Don’t shoot!” to police officer Darren Wilson in the Ferguson shooting in 2014. It was proven he did not do either and in fact charged the officer and grabbed his gun.

But the damage was done. This myth fueled protests across the country that stirred up so much violence that tens of millions of dollars of property damage was done.

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“Omar Mateen’s Solo Actions Weren’t Connected to ISIS.”

While Mateen didn’t travel overseas to be recruited in a terrorist training camp, Omar Mateen certainly killed 49 people at Orlando’s gay nightclub Pulse under the influence and directives of ISIS.

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The Size and Scope of the BP Oil Spill

The Gulf ecosystem was damaged greatly by the BP oil spill. Mother nature herself set the oven to “self-cleaning” and did far more to undo the damage than BP ever did, contrary to the media’s claims.

“Yahoo News Claims Hillary Clinton Received Most Votes Ever.”

Yahoo posted an article claiming Hillary Clinton received more votes than any other presidential candidate in history. Too bad the claim is wrong in the margin of 4 million votes.

“There is One Overall Terror Watch List.”

In reality, there are quite a few different terrorist watch lists issued by many different government agencies, and all have their own criteria and pitfalls.

Brian Williams Helicopter Crash

MSNBC news anchor Brian Williams claimed his helicopter was hit with an RPG and small arms fire, a statement that was disputed by all who were aboard the aircraft with him.

“If you like it, you can keep it”

Regarding the Affordable Healthcare Act, President Obama said, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” and the mainstream media ran with it, failing to report on its falsities.

“We aren’t spying on the phone calls or emails of U.S. citizens.”

The NSA claimed not to be using their carte blanche powers of reconnaissance to spy on the American people, a statement which took far too long to overturn by the mainstream media.

“Common Core Provides Your Child with Quality, Historically Accurate Information.”

Common Core has proved to be a tool of the Elitist left, pandering to revisionist history.

“The Only People on the Terror Watch List are Suspicious Non-Americans.”

Despite what the mainstream media would have you believe, there is an incredibly large number of American citizens who are on the terror watch list—almost 94,000—and getting yourself landed on that list is fairly easy.

“Gun Show Loopholes”

Many politicians claim a “gun show loophole” is making the country susceptible to criminals obtaining firearms without any sort of accountability. However, those selling firearms at gun shows typically never sell guns without conducting background searches any more than grocery clerks hand out free produce.

Joy Behar of “The View” Claims Oklahoma Earthquakes were deliberate.

Behar was incensed that Trump would choose Scott Pruitt to head up the Environmental Protection Agency and claimed the EPA knew that oil and gas production had caused 907 earthquakes.

Deliberate Omission of Hate Crime Activity

After Trump was nominated, the Southern Poverty Law Center failed to mention hate crimes, numbering in the 2,000s, against whites.

Claiming “Fake News” Won The Election

MSNBC anchor Brian Williams accredited Trump’s victory to a public misinformed by “fake news.”

“Sarah Palin Inspired A Mass Shooting”

Washington Post writer Petula Dvorak cited a false news story that Sarah Palin inspired a mass shooting in Arizona, all while railing against the seriousness of fake news.

“FBI Agent Involved in a Hillary Clinton Assassination Plot.”

Jestin Coler was the creator of anti-Hillary fake news that linked the FBI with an assassination attempt. The truth came out and revealed he even voted for Hillary.

“Americans Want to Abolish the Electoral College.”

In fact, Gallup polls show that a record low number of Americans want to do away with the Electoral College. Any suggestion otherwise is pure fabrication.

Clinton Getting The Majority Vote

In an interview with Van Jones, Michael Moore claimed the Majority of Americans voted for Clinton. Clinton won 48.2% of the total vote, which is not the majority.

False Claims Against Trump

Clips of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and Trump supporter Carl Higbie taken out of context give the appearance that Trump supports internment of Muslims like Japanese Americans during WWII, which is completely false.

Obama Administrations Failure To Check Data

The Obama Administration Failed to Check Immigrants Against FBI Databases, yet approved their citizenship.

Legality of Propaganda

The government has officially made the use of American propaganda against U.S. citizens legal, meaning it will be even more difficult to filter the truth from the media’s lies.

“Hilary’s In The Lead”

The polls in the MSM saying that Hillary Clinton was in the lead were being falsely manipulated. No wonder the polls didn’t predict a Trump win.

False Claims That Dangers Of Opioids Aren’t Priority

The government and big pharma are pushing the ban of natural pain relievers while ignoring the high percentage of drug overdoses being due to prescription opioids. The media is focusing on marijuana instead of the real problem of an opioid crisis to come.

The Existence of A “Russian Hack”

Russian hack claims were a false flag conspired by the democrats and the DNC.

False Information About Sugary Foods

The media has repeatedly, falsely claimed that eating foods with fat leads to unhealthy weight gain. This in turn lead to fat-free products that are filled with copious amounts of sugar and being marketed as a healthy alternative.

Clinton’s Benghazi Testimony

Hillary Clinton claimed to take responsibility for Benghazi without actually taking any responsibility.

Russian Bomb Targets

The media claimed that Russia dropped bombs on Iran and missed their real targets, despite the denial of Moscow, and lack of confirmation on the intelligence by the U.S. states department.

Julian Assange

The Obama Administration tried to frame Julian Assange and Wikileaks by sending a plane full of FBI agents to Iceland. Iceland’s prime minister refused cooperation and ordered the U.S. to cease their operations.

FDA Rule Manipulation

The food manufacturing industry is omitting ingredients on food labels by creating substitutes that will fly under the FDA’s radar.

The Reason Behind The 2008 Financial Crisis

Hillary Clinton lied about the reason for the 2008 financial crises, blaming it on tax policies instead of Bill Clinton’s push for banks to give out loans to people with bad credit.

“Violent Crime Is Decreasing”

Hillary Clinton has claimed that violent crime is declining when it is in fact increasing, based on reports released by the FBI.

Clinton’s Use Of Private Email Servers

Hillary Clinton has continued to lie about her use of private email servers, stating she would not make the mistake again, although her actions and history state otherwise. She clearly knew it was a crime and intended to cover it up.

Lies About The Economy

Obama has claimed that his administration inherited the worst economy in 80 years, despite Ronald Reagan being the true bearer of such a burden.

Illegal Immigrant Numbers

Obama has stated that under his administration, illegal immigration and crime are at lows that haven’t been seen in decades, despite the increase and close to record breaking number of illegal immigrants entering the U.S.

Lies About Hillary’s Work

Bill Clinton claimed that his wife Hillary worked to defend women and children in law school when she was really working at a communist law firm and helping criminal black panthers charged with killing cops avoid spending time in jail through loopholes in the law.

Hillary Clinton’s Defense of A Rapist

Bill Clinton said that Hillary continued to work for women and children in Arkansas, when in reality she successfully defended a child rapist and laughed at how easy it was.

Clinton’s Sexual Abuse of Women

Hillary Clinton denied claims that her husband Bill sexually abused women and continues to ignore or deflect any comments, statements or questions on the matter.

Hillary’s Handling Of Classified Information

Hillary Clinton claimed that she cares about classified information. Her actions and track record state otherwise.

CNN False Information

CNN falsely claimed that the United States used weapons of mass destruction on its own defectors. CNN was eventually forced to retract the false story.

“Trump Dodged The Draft”

The media claims that president elect Donald Trump dodged drafts into the military, despite having zero evidence to support the  claims.