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21 Things James Bond Producers Hid From Fans (You won’t believe who threatened suicide.)

The James Bond franchise has been rolling on for decades now – showing no signs of slowing down at all. However, one of the all time most beloved movie franchises did not get where it is today without some secrets.

Producers on the Bond movies have throughout the years hidden things in films, changed things at the last minute and included into the production of these movies some of the most diabolically entertaining easter eggs available.

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James Bond was a real person! Dr. James Bond was actually an ornithologist that Fleming found in a birdwatching book.

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When George Lazenby auditioned to be James Bond, he had never actually acted before. He went into a meeting with the producer with a new haircut and rolex, created a completely false list of movies he had been in, and won the part. How very James Bond of him.

In the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me, the henchman, Jaws, bites through a chain that is actually entirely made of licorice.

Richard Kiel (who played Jaws) was actually able to keep his steel teeth in his mouth for no more than 30 seconds at a time.

Daniel Craig is the shortest James Bond at 5’10”. All of the other actors come in around 6’1” to 6’2”.

Daniel Craig is also the very first 007 to not have been alive when the first film was released.

Tomorrow Never Dies led to the demise of more than 15 different BMWs.

In the iconic poster for the film, For Your Eyes Only, the photographer told the model to wear her bikini bottoms backwards, which better showed off her legs and behind.

There has also been controversy on who the model actually is for the poster. The legs belong to Joyce Bartle. The arm belongs to Jane Sumner.

When Sean Connery had to swim with the sharks, he was rarely in much danger…if at all. The shark closest to the actor wasn’t even alive– it was a corpse being pulled through the water alongside Connery.

Goldfinger is actually played by not one, but two actors. Gert Frobe could not speak English, so he was dubbed over in final production, and an actor named Michael Collins actually became the voice of the villain.

Many different actors have been up for the role of Bond. This extensive list includes some big names like Will Smith, Clint Eastwood, and Cary Grant.

In Goldfinger, men in blonde wigs played the pilots for Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus.

Roger Moore never actually ran in any of the seven films he was in. He felt that his body looked awkward when he ran, so they used a body double to film those shots.

Also, because of an accident with his brother at a young age, Roger Moore was completely terrified of firearms, even though he is filmed with firearms all throughout the films.

In Skyfall, M is actually living at the previous residence of the Bond composer John Barry.

James Bond films have always had intense special effects to accompany all of the action. In fact, Goldfinger was the very first film in history to use a laser beam in a movie.

While Pierce Brosnan played Bond, he was not allowed to wear a tuxedo in any film that wasn’t a Bond movie, under contract.

John F. Kennedy was a huge James Bond fan. He had mentioned From Russia, With Love as one of his favorite novels of all time. In fact, he saw the film version the day before he left for Dallas in 1963.

In 1995, the Bond role for Goldeneye was originally offered to Liam Neeson. However, he declined, saying that he had no interest in starring in action films.

Thunderball and Never Say Never Again both have the same plot and are played by Sean Connery, just 18 years apart from each other.

In fact, the remake got its name from Connery’s wife. She told him to “never say never again” when he accepted the offer to reprise his role as Bond.

James Bond was not actually shown driving an Aston Martin until the release of Goldfinger.

After that film, Aston Martin actually renamed a tool in their factory as the “James Bonder” which is used to bond pieces together.

The Bond Theme was actually originally written with the intent to be used in a musical. The composer, Monty Norman, had written it for the musical entitled No House for Mr. Biswas. The theme didn’t make the cut for the musical, but instead found its home with the Bond franchise.

Ken Adams has created many scenes for the James Bond film franchise. In You Only Live Twice, Adams created the huge volcano scene for Bond’s battle against SPECTRE. This one scene alone cost more to build than the entire production of Dr. No.

Ian Fleming spent plenty of time at Goldeneye, where he wrote many of the novels that were later adapted into Bond films. All of this writing was done on a gold-plated typewriter.

Interestingly, You Only Live Twice could only be filmed in Japan if women native to the country were chosen to play the starring roles in the film. Two of the women chosen were given a short period to travel to the States to learn English. One became proficient while the other, Mie Hama, struggles. When the producers decided that they wanted to pick a different actress, Hama threatened to kill herself. They kept her on the film.

Often times, filmmakers use little tricks that they have hidden up their sleeves to create iconic material. For example, the ever-famous gun-barrel opening to the Bond films was actually created with a price tag. The sticker was rolled up and held to the camera.

Sean Connery’s pay for James Bond is actually a world record. The actor made a whopping $1.25 Million on Diamonds are Forever, not to mention the many perks that were included in his contract. After he received his paycheck, he donated it to his own foundation, the Scottish International Education Trust.

Many actors have portrayed James Bond, from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig. However, even more actors have played the role of Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Bond’s arch-nemesis and mastermind of SPECTRE.

Neil Connery, Sean Connery’s brother, was actually made famous in a movie that spoofs his brother’s franchise. The Italian film is named Operation Kid Brother. His character, Dr. Neil Connery, is a plastic surgeon, and he gets wrapped up in his older brother’s life as a secret agent.

Even though Ian Fleming is given credit as the mastermind behind the Bond films, both Roald Dahl and Kingsley Amis have been a part of creating the character as well. After Fleming died, Amis wrote the next Bond novel, Colonel Sun. Roald Dahl is credited with writing the script for You Only Die Twice, in which he essentially ignored the storyline from Fleming’s book by the same name.

After the premier of Star Wars, Bond franchise producers were looking to keep with the fad. For this reason, Moonraker hit theaters in 1979.

The producers of the Bond movies have had to provide their own snow for scenes on two separate occasions. In For Your Eyes Only, snow had to be brought in for a ski scene in the Alps, as there was no snow on the ground at the time of shooting. In Skyfall, snow was also trucked in for the scene at Duntrune Castle in Scotland.

Ian Fleming was actually a spy for the British government, and likely modeled the character of James Bond after himself as well as other friends of his in the British Naval forces.

While many songs from the Bond franchise have made it into the top 10 of the Billboard Top 100 list, it wasn’t until 1985 that “A View to Kill” by Duran Duran actually made it all the way to the number one spot on the list.

In a list of America’s top 50 heroes, James Bond comes in at number 3. The number 1 spot goes to Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird, and Indiana Jones takes second place.

Cassandra Harris, a Bond girl in For Your Eyes Only was actually married to Pierce Brosnan. However, she died in 1991 and never got so see a film in which Brosnan portrayed James Bond.

The video game GoldenEye 007 is one of the most successful merchandising endeavors by the Bond franchise, as it sold more than 2 million copies in a year and was an award-winning game.

The Bond movies have won 13 different Oscars throughout the years, including awards for Best Song, Best Visual Effects, and many more.

During weapon training for the film, Skyfall, the cast went through more than 200,000 rounds of ammunition.

Did you know it has been over half of a century since the first James Bond movie was released? Amazing!

Sean Connery unfortunately began balding when he was only 21. He had to wear a toupee to cover up this fact in all of his Bond movies.

The film Licence to Kill goes by several different names. In Japan, the movie is entitled The Cancelled License, and in Italy the movie was named Private Revenge.

When George Lazenby became Bond after Sean Connery called it quits the first time, the producers wanted to think of a way to explain the difference in Bond’s appearance. The first idea was to write plastic surgery into the plot so that Bond’s enemies would be thrown off. Instead, they decided to let the fans just cope with the actor change.

After World War II, Ian Fleming purchased property in Jamaica and named it Goldeneye. This is where he did most of his writing for the novels. The 1995 film is his property’s namesake.