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The 25 most influential YouTubers. (And Why You Need To Know Them)

According to a study by the Media Insights Project, only 6% of those polled trust what they hear and see in the media and people are cancelling their cable subscription in droves.

With a Youtube App on every phone, tablet, TV and computer it makes sense that the hoards of people leaving mainstream media and tuning into independent youtube channels. This is the new media and will shape our world and is already shaping this election. So here are our 25 most influential youtubers. How many do you know? Click “Start Slideshow” to Begin.

25) Dave Rubin – The Rubin Report

The gay Los Angeles progressive was a bit of a cliché and at one time worked with another youtuber we feature later in our list. But after seeing the way progressives try to censor discussion by screaming racist and bigot at everyone who disagrees with them he left the ultra progressive channel and ventured out on his own.

Now he is a champion of free speech and hosts great guests to call out his fellow liberals when they stray. Our next gay conservative was once his guest. Click “Start Slideshow” to Begin.

24) Milo Yiannopoulos

The flamboyantly gay British conservative provocateur has a huge social media following but provoked once too often when Twitter banned his account with over 1 million followers. He switched over to youtube and quickly amassed over 200k subscribers. His quick wits, and knowledge of facts have left many a feminist and social justice warrior crying for a safe space.

23) Stephen Crowder – Louder with Crowder

Crowder is a christian conservative but far more importantly is a former comedian and is one of our funnier youtubers who present news and current affairs. If you want entertainment with your news then he is for you. Think The Daily Show for conservatives. He also does a great impression of our next youtuber who is the king of the social justice warrior movement…

22) Cenk Uygur – The Young Turks

Hosted by Cenk Uygur this ultra progressive panel show specializes in political commentary through the lens of leftist ideology. With over 3 million youtube subscribers the Bernie Sanders supporting operation was ground zero for an army of #FeelTheBern’ers. Most comically the Young Turks had an on air fight including spitting and pushing with our next youtube extremist from the opposite end of the Spectrum.

21) Alex Jones – Info Wars

With 1.6 million subscribers the god-fearing Texan conservative and king of conspiracy recently marched onto the Young Turks Set and “hi-jacked” the stage. The two have a history of alterations and when one of Cenk’s off siders started spitting at Jones it was officially a playground fight. Although Info Wars does dish out anything and everything conspiracy, they also break a hell of a lot of conspiracy fact. From the high energy crazy of Jones and Cenk we now to go one of the more even keeled Youtube superstars around…

20) Vernaculis

As the character name suggests Vernaculis is a word smith. With his calm but razor sharp sarcasm he dissects the arguments of many other you tubers and celebrities on important topics. He quite skillfully highlights where they have misused language either in an attempt to mislead you or in misleading themselves.

19) Max Wright – Success Council

The Australian libertarian uses current events as a back drop to create a discussion about economics and ethics. A great place to get clear on social causes like higher minimum wage and free college education.

18) David Seaman

An interesting and softly spoken character who can prove his progressive credentials because he worked at the Huffington Post. But he had enough guts to write an article at HuffPo questioning Hillary’s health at a time when HuffPo was calling anyone who questioned Hillary’s health a sexist. They fired him for his article and days later Hillary had her famous “Weekend and Bernies” moment and he was vindicated, but he had already moved on to start his own youtube channel.

17) Paul Joseph Watson

Watson is affiliated with Infowars, but has his own channel and in fact broke the story of Hillary’s illness a full month before the MSM were finally forced to admit she was sick.

16) Thunderf00t



Youtube’s resident scientist has a great channel with a myriad of interesting videos explaining some of sciences toughest questions.

15) That Guy T

This libertarian makes great videos calling out the race and gender baiters on youtube. With clear and logical arguments the BLM and feminist movements take a serious beating from That Guy T and our next mystery man.

14) Undoomed

The unknown man exclusively critiques arguments made by social justice warriors especially of the feminist variety. If you want to watch some “special little snowflakes” as he calls them get called out, this is a great channel.

13) Storm Clouds Gathering

Excellent investigative journalist who makes high quality mini documentaries on current affairs. Plenty of conspiracy facts here that you won’t see on the Main Stream TV.

12) Black Pigeon Speaks

If you have ever uttered the words “I need a safe space” this channel is not for you. High quality, fact driven videos on an incredibly anti-pc topic. If you are brave enough to hear the statistical differences between different races and religions give it a shot.

11) Karen Straughan – Girl Writes What

The extremely well informed and walking encyclopedia Straughan began as a feminist, transitioned to understanding men have challenges too, and now believes there is an all out and unfair war against men by the feminist movement. She is a champion mens activist and will blow your mind with counter culture facts.

10) Prager U

The conservative orientated channel enlists experts from academia all over the country to create hundreds of 5 minute explanations of political issues of the day. A great place to get the conservative opinion on almost any topic.

9) Mark Dice

The San Diegan is famous for heading down to the boardwalk armed with a camera, microphone and clip board and getting California liberal Clichés to sign petitions for the most outrageous things like “Asking Hillary to expand her policies to lower the standard of living for American’s” Some of these videos need to be seen to be believed.

8) Greg Hunter – USA Watch dog

Hunter has weekly video interviews with experts on economics. Not the kind of pundits on TV that tell you everything is rosy all the time. The kind that tell you the truth.

7) James Corbert – The Corbert Report

A Japan based investigative journalist who makes excellent and well thought out arguments with loads of historical perspective. If the topic is Health care costs for example you will learn the secret deals made between big pharma and the FDA over the last 50 years. A 60 minutes alternative if you will.

6) Bill Still

Bill Still made one of the best documentaries ever produced on the Federal Reserve over 2 decades ago. Today he creates 2-3 minutes news videos to keep you up to date with the world of politics and the economy while you are on the go.

5) Ben Shapiro -Daily Wire Podcasts

The conservative Jew was the chief editor of Breitbart, but resigned after he felt Breitbart was too pro-Trump. He is very knowledgeable and provides excellent arguments championing conservative and anti-SJW causes.

4) Styxhexenhammer666

Check this out for random. This pagon, occultist, hobby gardener who seldom wears a shirt for his videos in summer just happens to be one the best political analysts on youtube. If you visit his channel skip the weird occult videos and watch anything political. His insight and track record of predictions is first class. Very fun during election season.

3) The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

The Comedian and MMA enthusiast has excellent guests every week discussing a wide variety of issues from politics to philosophy to success.

2) Sargon of Akkad

The British liberal youtuber hosts the wildly popular “This week in Stupid” series. A critique of all of the insane Social Justice causes going on around the world in any given week. And our number one most influential youtuber is…

1) Stefan Molyneux – Free Domain Radio

Stefan has created the largest philosophy conversation in the world from his home in Toronto Canada. Leveraging current events, an extensive program of special guest interviews, a call in show and his own 30,000 hours dedicated to studying philosophy Stefan brings reason, logic and evidence to slay the beasts of identity politics and mis-information.