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15 Items Discovered On Earth That Science Cannot Explain…

Most things on Earth can, in some way, be explained. With the continual development of technology, if there isn’t concrete proof there at least is a theory with scientific backing behind it.

However, what happens when an object comes along where it simply cannot be explained? From time to time an item can perplex anyone and everyone. That is exactly what happens with these 15 different items that have been found on Earth with no logical explanation behind it.

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Winnipesaukee Mystery Stone

While the name kind of sounds like a carnival attraction, this smoothed, egg-like stone has been was first stumbled upon in 1872 (by Lake Winnipesaukee, naturally). If the carvings aren’t enough, a tight hole is cut in the top and bottom of the stone. Only power tools can be so accurate. Of course, in 1872, such power tools simply did not exist.

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Antikythera Mechanism

Dating back to the time of the ancient Greeks, it was found submerged under water. The sophistication of the design was far beyond anything that could have been made at the time, yet it exists.

Rat Kings

Basically it’s a bunch of dead rats with the tails tied together. Most likely something like this was used for spells or black magic as rats were seen as a bad omen. Not much is actually know about these rate crowns.

London Hammer

A couple found a hammer stuck in rock during the 1930s. Historians have dated the rock to be 400 million years old. Humans are no where near this age. So there really is no clue where it came from.

Peri Reis Map

Peri Reis of the Turkish Navy created a map in 1513. The map itself was not discovered for another 400 years. The map depicts every continent in the world. Of course, nobody knew of Antarctica at the time. Apparently Peri Reis did.

Roman Dodecahedrons

Dating back to around the 2nd century, nobody really knows what these devices were used for.

Tecaxic Calixtlahuaaca Head

These carved heads are based on statues in ancient Rome. However, the carved heads were found in a grave in Mexico City. Perhaps trading between continents took place far earlier than we know?

Quimbaya Airplanes

Discovered in Colombia and usually built out of solid gold, these figures were left by the Quimbaya tribe. some believe it is because they discovered how to fly (or at least glide) before disappearing.

Mount Owen Moa Claw

While it looks like a giant, freaky dinosaur hand, it is actually that of a giant bird.

Costa Rica Stone Spheres

Perfectly round rock spheres can be found throughout the country. Nobody knows why the stones were created.

Yonaguni Moument

Located completely underwater off of Yonagumi Japan, nobody knows if it is an organic occurrence, or manmade. With perfectly constructed 90 degree angles and flat surfaces, it would seemingly be constructed by man.

Gate of the Sun

Located in Bolivia, this is a random stone gate with an open doorway, yet nobody knows what it is for.

Longyou Grottes

These are manmade caves found in China, but nobody knows why they were carve or for what purpose.

Voynich Manuscript

The book dates back to the 1400s and it is believed to come from Northern Italy. However, nobody knows the language it is written in.

Easter Island Heads

The famous heads on Easter Island are actually full bodies, just most of the bodies are buried. While many scholars believe they finally know how the statues were moved, nobody knows why the tribe on the island went and built so many (perhaps they were just stuck on an island with nothing to do).

Ubaid Lizardmen

Part lizard part man, these interesting statues will pop up in the Middle East every once in a while and date back around 7,000 years ago. Nobody really knows what these statues are for or what these carvings represent. Egypt had their bird head figures. Perhaps Iraq wanted a lizard head.

Shroud of Turin

Based on the markings on the cloth, some believe this cloth was used over the body of Jesus after he was placed in his tomb (and before the body disappeared). Carbon dating puts the cloth back to the Middle Ages.

Sumerian King List

Sumerians were excellent at keeping records. Early in the 20th century, stones were found in Iraq detailing a list of all the kinds to serve in the Sumer empire. There are some mythical gods included in between some of the kings. Perhaps they knew something we don’t know?

Rongorongo Tablets

Found on Easter Island, these tablets are all that remain of the island people’s language. By the time the island was discovered (on Easter Sunday) nobody remained on the island.


Nearly 20,000 of these statues have been discovered in Japan, some of which date back 10,000 years. Despite this, nobody knows what the carvings are for.

Codex Gigas

Possibly better known as the Devil’s Bible, this book is nine inches thick and tips the scale at 165 pounds. An image of the devil in the book has also manifested into a more sinister image over the years.

Ufberht Viking Swords

Dating back to about the 9th century. Forged from a pure metal, these weapons were especially impressive in battle. Of course, the technology to construct such swords did not exist for another 800 years. Apparently Vikings could time travel too.

Ata Skeleton

It sure looks like the mummified remains of an alien species doesn’t it? Fox Mulder has to be right around the corner, searching for it. Discovered back in the Chilean Desert in 2003. Due to the size of the body and enlarged head, most believe “Ata” is a premature fetus that suffers from dwarfism, although it does not have the gene for it.

Nampa, Idaho Stone Doll

Well drillers discovered a stone carved doll 320 feet deep. However, this far outdates any known history of man in North America based on the depth.

Star Child Skull

The name comes from how the skull comes together in a star shape. This was done post birth, so some thought it came from binding (similar to that of foot binding), but no amount of binding could cause the disfigurement. So nobody knows what caused it.