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35 Celebrities That Support Donald Trump (Number Six Will Surprise You A Lot)

Billionaire Donald Trump is rewriting the rule book in his election campaign. According to some super star celebrities that is exactly what they like about him.

From sports stars, actors, entertainers to business heavyweights the popular presidential candidate has attracted support from demographics the experts thought would never support him. Here are just a few of the fun comments celebrities have made about Trump.

35) Roseanne Barr – Actress and Comedian

The working mans comedian Roseanne Barr said, “I think we would be so lucky if Trump won,..” and “When people come here and they get a lot of benefits that our own veterans don’t get. What’s up with that?” Roseanne is just one of many who are breaking the rules of identity politics. You won’t believe the next one.

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34) Don King – Boxing Promoter

Shortly after Mohammed Ali’s funeral the boxing promoter said this“What I said is that with Trump calling all these people out, he (is showing he) can’t be bought, he can’t be controlled, the party can’t control him, he works for the will of the people. They are the only ones he has an obligation to. Because through the primaries, he was self-funded. They say he’s dividing and polarizing. No, it’s already polarized, it’s already divided. What he’s doing is exposing, he’s not polarizing.”

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33) Willie Robertson star of Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty starring Willie Robertson is the biggest show on cable television with a legion of fans. It earned its popularity by the rugged realness of an all American, outdoor-sy family with an importance placed on family values headed by Robertson. Robertson appeared on stage with Trump at his Oklahoma City rally where Robertson said “I do like me some Trump, I gotta admit.”

“Here’s the deal. We’re both successful businessmen. We both have pretty big shows on television,” he added. “We both have wives that are 1,000 times better looking than us, so I like Trump.”

32) Wayne Allen Root – Former Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee and Entrepreneur

Despite Donald Trump proclaiming he is not a libertarian, Trump has won over this big name in the libertarian community. Root emcee’d Trumps Nevada rally where he said “Obama and the Democrats…the mainstream media…and the establishment GOP are in a panic at the thought of President Trump. So they say ‘He isn’t conservative enough.’ Well no one, anywhere, ever accused me of not being conservative enough. And Trump is with me on every important issue facing America. That’s why I’m ‘all in’ for Donald Trump.”

31) Chris Christie – Former Opponent to Trump for this Republican Presidential Nomination

Christie was one of the first Trump Supporters in the Republican establishment. At the Republican National Convention Christie a former prosecuter laid out the charges against Hillary Clinton in an epic speech that had the crowd chanting “Lock Her Up!”

30) Robert Kiyosaki – Author, investor and educator

The legendary author of Rich Dad Poor Dad said “As I watch the Republican debates, I ask myself, “Of all the candidates on that stage, which one knows how to make money?” We all know that the majority of them know how to spend money, but only one candidate has a proven record of making money. And this is why I decided to…endorse Donald for president.”

29) Ted Nugent – Rock and Roll Star

Rock and Roll legend and outspoken 2nd amendment supporter Ted Nugent has voiced his support for Trump several times saying, “Donald Trump Is The Hellraiser America Has Needed For A Very Long Time.”

Also, “Donald Trump’s message sings to Americans because he doesn’t play politically correct brain-dead games. He calls them like he sees them. That’s refreshing to millions of Americans who believe political correctness is a public cancer that has eroded free speech and everything else good about America.”

28) Herschel Walker – Heisman Trophy Winner

In an interview Walker said “When are we going to get back to what’s best for this country? I think that’s what Donald is pushing to do. … I think we have to get a president now that’s more of a business person.”

27) Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth – Star in the first season of The Apprentice

Now an ordained minister Manigault-Stallworth went in to bat for Trump at a black ministers meeting saying, “When Tiger got involved with golf, people who had never been watching or involved or interested in golf, they got engaged. That’s what’s happening with this Trump candidacy.”

26) Ann Coulter – Conservative author and television personality

Coulter has been a huge fan of Trump speaking his praises on a number of occasions. This is just one of her highlights. “Trump is different. … He’s attractive. He’s tall. He’s hilariously funny. I think he could be not only a nominee who could win but a third party candidate who would win.”

25) Lou Ferrigno – Former body builder and actor who played ‘The Hulk’

Lou spoke well of the man who fired him on celebrity apprentice, “I wish Donald the best. He’s a fabulous guy. I hope he goes all the way. … He cares about our country and keeping our country safe.”

24) Mike Ditka – Hall of Fame Coach and TV commentator

The super bowl winning coach said “I do like Donald Trump. … I think he’s on the right track. … I do like him.” and “I do like Donald Trump. I think sometimes he’s gotta think a little bit more before he says things, but I think he’s on the right track”

23) Stephen Baldwin – Actor and former Celebrity Apprentice contestant

On CNN’s Don Lemon, Baldwin said “I think he’s (Trump) fantastic. I love him. I think he’d make a great president. Because he’s not a politician. And he doesn’t care what anybody thinks. And that’s why he’s surging in the polls.”

22) Fran Drescher – Actress and cancer survivor

The funny woman and former star of the hit comedy series The Nanny was in the middle of a candid interview about her fight against cancer when she was asked about Trump. She said “I think he (Trump) is very funny, and I think he is actually saying a lot of things that other people don’t really have the guts to say and for that reason I applaud him.”

21) Terrel Owens – Retired NFL wide receiver and celebrity apprentice

Terrel said “This may be what the country needs and Trump … he’s a guy who won’t put up with B.S. and has what it takes to change how government is run.”

20) Tila Tequila – Model, actress and reality TV star

The model sensation wrote an article explaining the reasons she is endorsing Trump concluding “I am a huge Donald Trump supporter and so should you.”

19) Kirstie Alley – Actress

The ‘Cheers’ star tweeted out her formal endorsement and backed it up saying in an interview “Donald Trump, whether you like him or you don’t like him, is waking this country up,…”

18) California Rep. Duncan Hunter

Hunter was one of the first congressmen to endorse Trump, who he says has “backbone” and will “provide the right leadership to unleash the power of the U.S. economy, secure the borders, and revitalize the armed forces.”

17) Jesse James – Former Celebrity Apprentice contestant

After spending a month with Trump in NY for the filming of Celebrity Apprentice James noted “What I personally observed is a man that is perfectly suited to run this country,” he continued. “He is respectful to the little guy (which shows he worked hard to get where he is) and he is also tough as nails when he needs to be. The people he will appoint to key top positions will be top shelf, and you can bank if they don’t perform? They will get the boot.”

16) Tom Brady – Super Bowl winning Quarterback and MVP for the New England Patriots

One of only two players in NFL history to win the NFL Most Valuable Player and Super Bowl MVP awards multiple times Brady is a friend of Trump and supporter. They play golf together and Brady called Trump “remarkable.”

But in a rather humorous exchange with the liberal media, in a bullying fashion they asked him several times to clarify his position with respect to “supporting Trump” with the clear tone that they would trash him if the support continued. Brady laughingly replied, “This is really important to you guys, huh?”

15) Hulk Hogan – Former WWE professional wrestler & reality TV star

Asked by TMZ which 2016 presidential candidate pro wrestler Hulk Hogan wanted to have in the ring with him, Hulk replied “I don’t want to be in the ring with any candidates, I want to be Trump’s running mate.”

14) Gene Simmons – Bass guitarist for the legendary rock band Kiss

Simmons a former contestant on the Celebrity Apprentice said “I believe Donald Trump is a good man. … He’s in it to win it. … You can hate the guy, but you don’t think for a second that there’s a guy sitting there (typing) ‘Here’s what you say, Donald.’ He’s his own man.” He went on to say that although Trump has been “ungentlemanly” at times, he is “better and smarter” than the rest.

13) Gary Busey – Actor

Right after his Dancing With The Stars debut actor Gary Busey said this about his former celebrity apprentice boss, “I know him personally. I know him professionally. He’s a great guy. He’s sharp. He’s fast. He can change the country after the last eight years.”

12) Robert Davi – Actor and Director

In an article published on Breitbart and authored by Davi he said “I cannot sit back and listen to the media continually outright defame Donald Trump. I will not remain silent any longer.”

He went on, “If Ronald Reagan was the Gary Cooper of politics, Trump is the John Wayne. So, pilgrim, I’d rather have a President Trump who tells it like it is than a deceiver who feeds us sugarcoated poison at bedtime, only to have us wake up dead.”

11) Denis Rodman – NBA star & former Celebrity Apprentice contestant

Rodman tweeted about his former ‘boss’ “@realDonaldTrump has been a great friend for many years. We don’t need another politician, we need a businessman like Mr. Trump! Trump 2016,”

10) Dana White – President of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

The president of the very successful sports franchise said, “Donald Trump was the first one to have us come out of the Trump Taj Mahal. Not only did we host the events there, he actually showed up and supported the events. You will never hear me say a negative thing about Donald Trump. I will vote for Trump”

9) Dan Bilzerian – King of Instagram

Bilzerian tweeted “In an age of pussified political correctness, you have to respect the people who remain unfiltered @realDonaldTrump,”

8) Carl Icahn – Billionaire entrepreneur

In a video he released the billionaire investor said “Yeah, I am (endorsing Trump for president). I think that’s we need in this country – I’m sort of being an activist in the country now – I think it’s sort of a no-brainer. You can’t keep it going the way it is. It’s dysfunctional.”

7) Jesse Ventura – Former governor, wrestler and reality TV star.

Ventura said in a news interview, “I shocked my staff today. I came in and said, ‘You know what, as far as the Republicans are concerned, I said I hope Trump wins.”

6) Mike Tyson – Former heavyweight champion

In an interview with the Hufington Post The champ said “He (Trump) should be president of the United States… Let’s try something new. Let’s run America like a business, where no colors matter. Whoever can do the job, gets the job,”

5) Loretta Lynn – Country and Western Singing Legend

The famous singer of Coal Miners Daughter said, “Trump has sold me – what more can I say? … When you’re advertising for the best, forget the rest! I just think he’s the only one who’s going to turn this country around.”

4) Joe Arpaio – Arizona Sheriff on the front lines of the illegal immigration war

The tough talking Sheriff Joe said “Donald Trump is a leader. He produces results and is ready to get tough in order to protect American jobs and families,”

3) Wayne Newton AKA Mr Las Vegas – Entertainer and singer

Mr Las Vegas appeared on Fox and Friends to endorse Trump. “I love Donald, and he would make a great president,” Newton told host Steve Doocy, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Brian Kilmeade.

“Number one, he tells the truth,” said Newton. “Number two, he’s been where most of these guys want to be, in terms of riding on his own plane. He doesn’t have to worry about what hotels he stays in, he doesn’t have to worry about how his family gets to Hawaii, so on and so forth.”

2) Phil Ruffin – Owner of Treasure Island Resort & Casino in Las Vegas

In an interview the tycoon said “The federal government is totally dysfunctional. Now, Donald is not as conservative as some people would like, and he’s got no political experience, it’s true. But he’s smart, one of a kind, and nothing like the regular politicians.”

1 + Bonus) Sarah Palin – Former Alaska governor & reality TV star

The vice presidential nominee appeared on stage at a Trump rally at Iowa University where she spoke for several minutes saying “I’m proud to endorse Donald J. Trump for president of the United States of America.” and “Are you ready for the leader to make America great again?”

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Benghazi Survivors Mark “Oz” Geist and John “TIG” Tiegen

Mark “Oz” Geist said, “We, perhaps more than any Americans, know the absolute and imperative reason that we elect Donald J. Trump as President of the United States. First and foremost, under a Trump administration, the request for additional security by an ambassador would have been heeded, and second, there is no question, when the attack came, he would have moved heaven and earth to provide the necessary forces to protect and reinforce our warriors.”

Oz added, “Mr. Trump is the bold, decisive leader America needs at this time.”  “Under President Trump, many conflicts will be avoided because our enemies will fear the United States and our military.”

Jon Voight – Hollywood Actor

In an interview with Breitbart the actor known from roles in Mission Impossible and National Treasure said, “He’s an answer to our problems. We need to get behind him. The Republicans need to unite behind this man. We need somebody to go in and reconstruct us in a sort of way, get us back to where we were, who we need to be.”

Kid Rock – Rock n Roll Singer

While speaking with Rolling Stone  Kid Rock said “He was diggin’ Trump.” He went on to say with a few more expletives that we won’t reproduce that Trump’s campaign is very entertaining and we should let the businessman run the country like a business.

Aaron Carter – Singer

The wildly popular singer responded to a Trump tweet simply with. “I vote for Donald Trump” What else needs to be said? His young fans were not so happy though.

Howard Stern – Radio Host

Shock Jock extraordinaire Howard Stern said people “Dig Trump” and people are sick of politicians and Trump will get stuff done.

Teresa Giudice – Reality TV Star

The star of Real House Wives of New Jersey and former celebrity apprentice to Donald Trump said “Of course I am going to vote for Donald Trump. I think he is amazing. I think he will make a great president.

Ivana Trump – Donald Trump’s ex-wife

Probably one of the most difficult endorsements to get is from your ex wife. Especially when the divorce settlement was hotly contested in the public eye. But that is exactly what Ivana has done, even hosting a luncheon to promote Donald’s chances.

Kenny Rogers – Country Music Icon

Singer of the The Gambler said “I love what he says, I have to admit. He can be president and not owe anybody anything; he’s one of the few people who has the money to do it, and has the guts to do it.”

Chuck Norris – Actor and Martial Artist

Walker Texas Ranger threw his hat in the ring after the Republican National Convention by Endorsing Trump. The actor blasted Hillary saying “Not voting for Trump is a vote for Hillary.” He went onto say that people who might not like Trump’s style “will be pleasantly surprised when he becomes the leader of our country.”

Bruce Willis – Hollywood Royalty

The Die Hard star is also a diehard fan of the Don. Willis appeared on Jimmy Fallon wearing the famous red “Make America Great Again” hat. He declared himself to have a case of “Trumpitis.”

Sylvestor Stallone – Hollywood Royalty

While we are on the tough guy band wagon, Rambo himself endorsed Trump in an interview with Variety, “I love Donald Trump, He’s a great Dickensian character.” he said. “You know what I mean? There are certain people like Arnold, Babe Ruth, that are bigger than life. But I don’t know how that translates into running the world.”

Bernie Marcus – Founder of Home Depot

“I genuinely believe that if we started The Home Depot today, we would fail because of the hurdles government, especially the current administration, places in front of small business owners,”

He goes on, “Donald Trump is the only man who can “make America great again” by cutting red tape and changing the course of the country.”

Aissa Wayne – John Wayne’s daughter

John Wayne’s daughter says she feels like her dad would be behind Trump.

She said: “America needs help and we need a strong leader. We need someone, like Mr. Trump, with leadership qualities, someone with courage, someone that’s strong–like John Wayne. If John Wayne were around, he’d be standing right here.”

Bobby Knight – NCAA Basketball Coach

The winningest Coach of all time is a huge supporter of Trump apparently calling him up even before he announced his candidacy and pledging his support if he did run. Bobby then appeared on stage next to Trump in the key state of Indiana during the primaries saying Trump is “the most prepared man in history to step in as president of the United States.”

The National Border Patrol Union

Boasting 17,000 members that risk their lives protecting us by keeping drugs and people with violent criminal records who can not get visas out of this country released a statement endorsing Trump.

In it they wrote, “Mr. Trump will take on special interest and embrace the ideas of rank-and-file Border Patrol agents rather than listening to the management yes-men who say whatever they are programmed to say. This is a refreshing change that we have not seen before – and may never see again.”

Scot Baio – Actor

The star of Charles in Charge said he is “Fed up” with the Republican Party and now considers himself a conservative independent.  He added, “The things that he’s saying are the things people are thinking. And for me it’s just common-sense stuff.”

Judge Jeneane Pirro – Judge and TV Host

The Judge has known Donald Trump for over 30 years. “I’ve seen the Donald no one else sees.” She goes on, He is a great parent. A hard worker. I endorse Donald Trump for President.”

NRA – National Rifleman’s Association

On behalf of its 4.25 million members the NRA endorsed Donald Trump at their national convention in May. Although the endorsement was not surprising it did come earlier than the NRA usually endorses a candidate which was seen as a testament to both Trumps 2nd amendment credentials and Hillary’s outspoken desire for firm gun control laws.Nigel Farage – Former UKIP leader

The victorious leader of the Brexit movement said Trump would “make a great president” and that he would be much more pro Britain than Obama.Dick Cheney – Former Vice President

When Cheney publically offered his endorsement of Trump he did so knowing full well that he was breaking ranks with the Bush family to which he is closely allied. Perhaps a hint of remorse was also displayed given how outspoken Trump has been of the Iraq war which Cheney himself campaigned for.
David A. Clarke Jr. – Milwaukee County Sheriff

Breaking the identity politics mold, the black Democrat Sheriff and anti BLM’er said he will “do everything I can” to help Trump win.
Peter Theil – Venture Capitalist

The staunch libertarian and founder of Paypal said about the ‘Trump Train’ “For the first time in perhaps 80 years, we have a chance to move the country in a more libertarian direction, with a less intrusive government, in both social and economic areas.”

Sean Hannity – Radio host and Fox Personality

The conservative said while interviewing Trump ”Well, I’m an opinion show,” Hannity said. “And I don’t hold back that I’ll be voting for Donald Trump in November.”

Milo Yiannopoulos – Journalist

While Hillary may have the mainstream media largely in her pocket Trump owns the Alternative media space.

Beginning with Milo. The outspoken gay conservative social media sensation has been hamming up his praise of Trump flamboyantly calling him “Daddy.” Milo also loves to remind people that Trump will “Make America Fabulous Again.”

Stefan Molyneux – Philosopher

The youtube mogul who is as fanatical a libertarian as one will find shocked his massive 400.000+ youtube subscribers when he endorsed Donald Trump. This is the same man who encouraged people not to vote for his libertarian brethren Ron Paul in 2012 because “We will never solve the worlds problems in politics”

Diamond and Silk – Social Media

The former Democrats are passionate Trump backers. Thanks to their hilarious cliche “black antics” and finger snapping the two have amassed an army of youtube followers.

Max Wright – Youtube

As traditional media ratings collapse and people flock to youtube to get the truth, Wright is one of many who are benefiting. Wright said “If Trump helps destroy the lying Mainstream Media I will follow that big beautiful orange man to the ends of the Earth.”

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