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50 Beautiful News Anchors By State ( Who Is YOUR State’s Most Beautiful Anchor? )

News Anchors have a history of being, well – very attractive. Like most television personalities; attractiveness is an important factor to keep the viewers tuning in night after night.

Everyone has an answer when you ask them – who is the most attractive TV anchor in your area? However, when it comes to states we may not live in; we seldom know much about them.

Here you can see the most BEAUTIFUL anchors of each state!

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Missouri: Candice Crawford

Candice Crawford obviously turned heads when she attended the University of Missouri. As one of the school’s more famous exports, Crawford earned quite a bit of experience and recognition for her sports coverage work at KOMU-TV in Columbia, MO. Now, given her portfolio and presentation, Crawford is easily staged for making a name for herself nationally.

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Maine: Fox Sports – Erin Andrews

Well known in sports and ESPN football, Erin Andrews is originally from Lewiston, Maine, and transplanted to Florida to attend college before starting her journalism career. She first gained national attention as one of the rising female sports commentators making a regular sideline appearance on ESPN for eight years until 2012.

She then shifted to competitor Fox to take on both college football coverage and professional NFL commentary. Andrews has also done a stint on Dancing With the Stars.

Delaware: KRIV-TV – Scarlett Fakhar

Fired for making a pro-Donald Trump statement on social media, Scarlett Fakhar has enjoyed a national spot on Fox Houston affiliate KRIV-TV. At only 25 at the time, she was one of the younger news anchors with striking eyes and looks covering Fox daily news. Originally from Wilmington, Delaware, Scarlett has since enjoyed the last laugh the election results.

South Carolina: Fox News – Ainsley Earhardt

Hailing originally from Spartanburg, this South Carolina export is a well-known talk show anchor on Fox News. Her early career includes portfolio work at WLTX News 19 in Columbia, SC, a CBS affiliate she worked at prior to actual college graduation in journalism.

After that Earhardt relocated to Texas to work at KENS-TV during their morning news segment. In 2007 Earhardt moved again to New York City to begin her tenure with Fox News.

California: Courtney Friel – KTLA

Courtney Friel is an American news anchor for KTLA-TV in Los Angeles, California. She previously covered entertainment for KTTV/Fox 11 in Los Angeles as well as for Fox News Channel and other local stations. Courtney originally gained notoriety when she posed for FHM and Maxim.

Alaska: Charlo Greene

Formerly a regular reporter on KTVA, Greene abruptly quit her job on the air while being watched all over Alaska and then repeatedly via online video once the story got out. Her reason for a sudden walk was essentially a political statement after she made it clear Greene was in charge of a local cannabis club. Now she’s facing more than four dozen charges and serious criminal time in jail if found guilty.

Arizona: KNXV-TV – Rudabeh Shahbazi

Phoenix, Arizona didn’t appreciate it at the time, but they had a gem on their hands with Shahbazi working at KNXV. After spending a handful of years earning both a college and master’s degree in journalism, Rudabeh had spent time in Arizona working as a multimedia journalist before eventually moving on. In 2015 her latest stop became Miami, Florida, landing an anchor sport for the morning with CBS affiliate CBS 4.

West Virginia: WTRF – Paige Madden

Known locally as a reporter for WTRF, Paige Madden gained extra fame and image awareness when she won the crown for Miss West Virginia in 2014. It also allowed her to get exposure competing for Miss America as well. Today she still works at WTRF as a multimedia specialist.

Wisconsin: WDJT – Amanda Porterfield

Porterfield picked up a weekend news anchor position in Spring 2016 with WDJT, covering two prime time even slots and then a late night slot. Porterfield originally as an anchor in Illinois and as a reporter in Tennessee, but she was originally raised part of her childhood in Milwaukee.

Colorado: Christine Noel

Originally hailing from Michigan, Christine now calls Denver, Colorado home and work. She regularly appears locally as a weekend news co-anchor on KUSA 9. An amazing and attractive brunette, Noel has also won a top recognition for having the best hairstyle on Colorado news as well.

Connecticut: Fox News: Julie Banderas

Born in 1973 in Hartford, Connecticut, Julie started her journalism-reporter career early and earned her experience at a number of location stations in Massachusetts, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and eventually New York City. She was then picked up by Fox News in 2005 as a general reporter and took on a weekend anchor position three years later in 2008. She has been with Fox ever since

Virginia: Fox News – Molly Line

The state that can boast being one of the original colonies can also claim Molly Line as one of its education exports. Line studied at Virginia Tech in communication and political science and then moved onto journalism. She was eventually picked up by the Fox network in 2006 working at an affiliate in Boston.

Washington: KCPQ Q13 Fox – Liz Dueweke

Functioning as KCPQ’s morning anchor, Dueweke has been a familiar name on Washington local news since 2014. Prior to KCPQ, Dueweke worked for a short stint at KOMO-TV, but this was part of a four year tenure with Sinclair Broadcast Group where she was originally operating as a morning anchor in Oklahoma City for KOKH.

And all of this career growth started in 2005 when Dueweke started out as an intern and freelance writer.

Florida: CNN Business – Alison Kosik

Well recognized in financial circles in her current CNN reporter role on the New York Stock Exchange, Kosik originally made a name for herself early on. Born in Miami, Florida, she gained her educational training at The American University and then at Columbia University. During that stint she earned a Florida AP Award (1999) for best spot news as well as Fellow status with the International Radio and TV Society (1993).

Georgia: Brooke Baldwin

Most people know Brooke Baldwin from her current role as an anchor on CNN Newsroom. What many don’t know is that she originally hailed from Atlanta, Georgia. In school she completed a dual degree at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and then studied further in Mexico City.

Her first reporter roles were at WVIR-TV in Charlottesville, VA, and then she gained her first morning anchor spot at WOWK-TV in West Virginia. Baldwin joined CNN in 2008 and has been with them since, currently handling the afternoon news segment with the network.
Hawaii: KHON 2 – Kelly Simek

Hitting the morning news with her famous smile, Kelly originally arrived on the islands as a student transplant at the University of Hawaii to study journalism. Originally from Southern California, she picked up weather reporting and switched to meteorology instead.

Kelly has had plenty of time in front of the camera, however. She was also named Miss East Oahu in 2014 and was regularly seen as a baton twirler for the University of Hawaii football and basketball teams.

Idaho: Fox Sports – Heather Cox

Often assumed to be a northern American redhead based out of Boise, Idaho, Cox is actually from California. In 2012 she shifted gears and became a sideline reporter for ESPN, gaining nationwide coverage and name recognition with her sports coverage. Boise has worked out for her as the best location for her combined career and that of her husband, but she can spend any day of the week all over the county.

Tennessee: WKRN – Najahe Sherman

Having worked in four states before landing her anchor and reporter spot with WKRN in Tennessee, Sherman was clearly well qualified for the job. She originally graduated from the University of Kansas and was voted in 2015 one of Nashville’s 25 most beautiful people.

Texas: Jennifer Reyna KPRC2 Houston Texas

Indiana: CNN News- Kate Bolduan

Originally from Goshen, Indiana, Bolduan worked the beat and learned the journalist ropes at WTVD-TV in Raleigh, NC, but she had actually started her career after school working as a production assistant for NBC News in Washington D.C., where she had gone to college.
With a major career arc at CNN Newsource, Bolduan is now her own program anchor which saw a debut with the 2016 U.S. presidential election during the weekday afternoon time slot.

Iowa: KMEG – Diana Castillo

Functioning as the news director and evening anchor for the Siouxland News, Castillo has been with KMEG since May 2015. Originally transplanting from Southern California where she grew up in Upland, Castillo graduated in journalism from University of La Verne and then spent a handful of years working on the air in Laredo, Texas with Fox and in Corpus Christi, Texas for KORO 28.

Rhode Island: WPRI – Susan Hogan

Susan Hogan had quite a tenure at Rhode Island’s WPRI. She originally started with them in 1992 and stayed until recently when Hogan was picked up in 2015 to join WRC in Washington D.C.

South Dakota: KFOR – Ashley Kringen

Cutting her teeth as an assignment in Las Vegas at Fox 5, Kringen then transferred to KFOR in Sioux Falls in a big time return to her home town. Her first journalist career spot was in Oklahoma City, halfway across the country southward.
Kansas: 41 Action News – Rhiannon Ally

Rhiannon Ally joined 41 Action News in June 2015. Prior to joining KSHB-TV, Ally was co-anchor of “CBS4 This Morning” and “CBS4 News at Noon” at WFOR-TV in Miami, Florida. Ally is the wife of 41 Action News co-anchor Mike Marusarz, making them the first husband and wife anchor team in the history of local news in Kansas City. She co-anchors 41 Action News at 5:00 PM and 10:00 PM alongside Marusarz.

Kentucky: WDRB – Jessica Bar

Jessica is a new arrival in the land of reporters, having joined WDRB in May 2016. Originally from Philadelphia, Jessica earned her stripes in the New York market working as a producer and a multimedia journalist. A graduate of Suffolk University, she earned awards as a student journalist covering the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Oregon: KPTV – Elizabeth Dinh

Originally from KOMO-TV in Seattle, Elizabeth Dinh has traveled quite a bit in her career, and even landed TV spots in Texas. However, February 2016, she was rehired and relocated back to her home state of Oregon and now works with KPTV managing the anchor seat for the two late evening news segments.
Pennsylvania: Formerly KSHB-41 – Kacie McDonnell

Born in Pottsville, PA, Kacie McDonnell was a regular name on KSHB-41 for their sports desk. She also did double-duty for Sporting Kansas City, covering major league soccer as well.

Up until August 2016 McDonnell was continuing a stint in Kansas City that started in September 2014, after transferring from Fox 29 in Philadelphia. In Fall 2016, however, she announced a departure from KSHB, moving back east for new career opportunities.

Maryland: Rachel Nichols

Nichols has a famous name recognition due to her sports coverage work on ESPN, being both a reporter and anchor. However, Nichols also had her own program on CNN that started in October 2013. Born in Potomac, Maryland, her original education and training was gained at Northwestern University, and Nichols has received multiple credits and awards as being one of the most popular anchors people recognize.

Massachusetts: Various – Maria Menounos

Many would look at her name and think that Maria was from a Latin country. However, Menounos is actually a Greek family name, and she grew up in Medford, Massachusetts, before beginning her journalism career as an adult. She first came to light as Miss Massachusetts after a number of competitions and teen beauty contest wins.

She then went on to Emerson College and, after graduation, secured her first gig as a general reporter for Channel One News.She has continued her entertainment news career, spending time in just about every major entertainment news anchor seat that exists so far.

Ohio: HLN Morning Show – Robin Meade

Formerly hailing out of Ohio and a title holder the state’s beauty queen, Meade originally built her career in local Ohio news stations before she gained attention at the national level in the HLN network.

Definitely a veteran in the news business, Meade has put in an easy 15 years at HLN which is in addition to her years at local stations prior.

Alabama: Inside Edition – Katherine Webb

Formerly known as Miss Alabama, Katherine Webb eventually knocked everybody’s socks off as a reporter covering the Super Bowl run up for Inside Edition. Previously unknown, her looks got Webb noticed and her talent as a reporter took the show from there in 2013.

Michigan: ABC News – Paula Faris

Born in Jackson, Michigan, Faris began her TV journalist career as an occasional anchor and sports reporter at two different stations in Ohio. She then jumped to Chicago and joined WMAQ-TV to be a sports reporter there and spent six years on that tenure.

In 2011 Faris was then picked up to work as a pair on ABC World News Now and America this Morning. In Fall 2015 Faris then moved to becoming one of the hosts on ABC’s The View talk show and is still in that contact despite rumors of being fired in 2016.

Minnesota: Christine Clayburg

Formerly a meteorologist and reporter with both WCCO and KMSP in the Twin Cities region, Clayburg decided to cross the line from the journalism side to the press release side, now working as a word spinmaster for corporate clientele. However, the career change hasn’t distracted from her attractive appearance by any means.

Mississippi: WAPT – Jennifer Ortega

She was in a regular face on WAPT in Mississippi until Fall 2015. Then, Jennifer Ortega decided it was time to move on, going back to Florida. Much to the chagrin of Mississippi viewers, her fandom was not enough to stay put.

Wyoming: Fox 4 – Macradee Aegerter

Originally raised in Laramie, Wyoming, Aegerter started her career with a five-year stint at KGWN-TV in Cheyenne. She had a keen focus on sports reporting and excelled in the field. No surprise, Aegerter eventually became the first female sports director in the state’s history.

In 2009 she was elevated to news director, being one of the youngest in the country to win such a promotion.

Montana: KTVQ – Victoria Hill

Knowing she wanted to be a journalist as early as her second year in high school, Victoria worked hard to achieve her dream. She graduated from University of Arizona in 2009 and then leveraged her three internships while in school into her first career stop at KTWO in Wyoming. She won statewide recognition for her special reporting stories, and then shifted to Montana’s KTVQ in 2012.

Nebraska: KNOP/NCB 2 – Jacquelyn Olson

Olson was one of those folks who knew what she wanted to be in life early in high school. Early on showing success as writer, Olson earned a journalism degree from Columbia College in Chicago and then started working in radio. She then landed a production assistant spot with WMBF in Myrtle Beach.

Picking up her role as a video journalist in 2014, she’s spent the last two years broadening her professional name on the air and regularly works as a morning anchor for KNOP.

New Jersey: CNN – Michelle Kosinski

Currently assigned to the White House Press Corps for CNN, Kosinski originally worked worldwide. Early reporter time was spent in Miami, FL, but Kosinksi was also a regular name a few later for NBC’s London station, covering most of the major European news. Born in 1974 in Willingboro, New Jersey, Kosinski has traveled the globe but pretty much calls Washington D.C. home now.

New Mexico: KOB-TV – Maria Guerrero

While working at KOB-TV based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Guerrero covered two roles both as a reporter and as an anchor. She was already a veteran in the industry, having served two previous tenures as a reporter in both Madison, WI and Baton Rouge, LA.

Originally from Mexico, Guerrero transplanted to the U.S. with her family and became bilingual while growing up in Texas. She was hired on by KIRO-TV in Seattle where she has continued her career.

New York: Fox 5’s Ann Gillian

Nevada: KNTV – Tricia Kean

Tricia has been a veteran newscaster with 13 years under her belt as an anchor. Sitting in the main seat on four news segments a day for 13 Action News, one would think that Tricia has more than enough on her plate. However, Kean is also in charge of the station’s Consumer Unit as well, chasing down consumer issues in Southern Nevada on a regular basis.

North Carolina: Formerly Fox News – Anna Kooiman

Anna calls Charlotte, North Carolina her original birthplace home, but soon began to see regional exposure when she began working as a junior reporter for WWAY in Wilmington, NC. In 2007, after college, Kooiman transferred to WNWO in Toledo, OH to take on the role of morning news anchor.

A year later she was back in North Carolina working at WCCB reporting the local news, weather and traffic. A few years later Kooiman picked up a five year tenure with Fox News in New York City until just this year when she quit Fox and moved to Australia with her husband and family.

North Dakota: Valley News – Stephanie Goetz

The Fargo area enjoyed the on air presentation by news anchor Stephanie Goetz for five years before she finally retired from the news screen to instead pursue a career in consulting. Goetz was in charge of areas both for news and sports, anchoring and reporting both in her tenure with Valley News.

She originally joined Valley News in 2011, and was quickly elevated in managing the anchor seat for two prime time news segments and a later even segment, three times a day.

Arkansas: KATV – Elisabeth Armstrong

Elisabeth Armstrong has the kind of face that is striking and stands out from a crowd. No doubt, it was one of the reasons she was picked up to be a regular reporter for KATV/Channel 7 in Little Rock, AR this year. Armstrong is not a rookie, however, despite her young looks. She spent a good amount of time as an anchor in Tyler, TX, and had originally interned at KATV in 2014.

New Hampshire: Fox Business – Trish Regan

Most financial market watchers know her from the daily market segments on Fox News. However, Trish Regan originally from New Hampshire. She has a wide portfolio of experience, including regular work on CBS Evening News and The Call.

She joined Fox Business in 2015 and has been a regular face since, wrapping up the day’s investment news and big financial events on cable TV.

Louisiana: Fox Business – Sandra Smith

Graduating from Louisiana State University, Sandra Smith could easily be mistaken for a southern belle. However, in reality she’s a rising name and star in Fox Business, but she’s actually been in the network since 2007. Prior to signing on with Fox, Smith was with Bloomberg Television reporting on similar formatting.

Illinois: ESPN – Sarah Spain

One look at Sarah Spain, and it’s no surprise why she’s a top sports reporter on TV for the Chicago market. Situated on ESPN Spain originally graduated from Cornell University but is clearly connected a loyal to Chicago sports.

Oklahoma: FSN Thunder – Leslie McCaslin

Operating as one of the Oklahoma Thunder sideline reporters, she has enjoyed a dream of being involved with basketball since grade school. She graduated from the University of Texas originally wanting to go into drama but then decided that broadcasting and journalism would be a better path.