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Acts of Kindness That Will Melt Your Heart. (#5 Will Shock You)

Everyone has the capacity to do good deeds whether you have money or not. Celebrities often get noticed for their acts of goodwill because money has a massive impact. We can’t help but take note of their generosity because it is often on a huge scale. That being said, regular people without oodles of money do amazing things too with astounding results.

We’ve put together a list of remarkable acts of kindness that will surely amaze you. Some can be attributed to the rich and famous and some can be attributed to the guy next door. Regardless, read on to be stunned and inspired by the human heart.

26. Brad Pitt Builds Homes

Handsome and selfless is a charming combination. This megastar built 109 homes in the hard-hit New Orleans Lower Ninth Ward after Hurricane Katrina struck. His Make It Right foundation spent $26.8 million through the process, giving families new hope out of a terrible tragedy. Click “Start Slideshow” to see which comedian tipped a bartender $1,000 on a $70 tab.

25. Amy Shumer Tips Big

Hilarious and generous, Amy Shumer is hard not to love. She reportedly tipped a New York City bartender $1,000 on a $77 tab, claiming she wants to help fellow actors. She was in the same boat herself at one point, so why not? Click Next below to see which actor shared his $75 million pay for one movie to the crew.

24. Keanu Reeves Donates Big to His Crew

Reeves shared his Matrix wealth with the movie’s SFX crew, reportedly $75 million. Plus he gave to each of the stunt crew a Harley Davidson. Big actor, big heart.

23. Lebron James Donate Shoes

This basketball superstar with a towering presence and a big heart, surprised a shoe shopper in Cleveland by buying him two pairs of Lebron’s branded shoes. One pair was for autographing and the other pair was for wearing. No fool is going to smudge Lebron’s signature by stepping on it. Click “Next” below to see why this celebrity donated two pairs of identical shoes to the same person.

22. Airlines Break Policies to Evacuate People and Pets

As devastating wildfires raged through Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada in the spring of 2016, citizens needed to be evacuated and fast. You’d never leave a beloved family member behind so how could residents leave their pets? Luckily they didn’t need to. Several airlines broke their pet policies and let evacuees and their pets travel together in the passenger areas of planes. This is such a heartwarming story of togetherness during loss.

21. Bon Jovi’s Restaurant Trades Meals for Volunteering

Bon Jovi, quintessential rocker, lives by his famous lyrics “I’ll be there for you”. His New Jersey Restaurant, Soul Kitchen, doesn’t take reservations or monetary payment if you don’t have it. You can volunteer your time in exchange for your meal. Soul Kitchen has served 56% of its meals to pay-by-volunteering customers. Who knew such a worldwide phenomenon could be such a community advocate?

20. Russell Brand Hangs out with Homeless

Brand keeps himself busy by acting and being a funnyman but also by spending time with homeless people. This man really recognizes that the homeless are people too and that they have interesting stories to tell. Sometimes it’s dinner, sometimes it’s breakfast, sometimes it’s just hanging out on the corner, but whatever it is, it’s heartwarming.

19. Dry Cleaning Offers Free Service to Those in Need

Going on a job interview and don’t have a clean outfit? This drycleaner will clean yours for free. A regular person helping regular people warm our hearts. Can’t get better than that.

18. Nora Roberts Supports Literacy

Roberts, the American novelist, has donated upwards of $4 million to support literacy via her organization. This generous philanthropist also supports children’s initiatives and other charitable programs.

17. Gilligan (Not of the Island) Protects Someone’s Car

This observant and kind do-gooder decided to save someone’s upholstery, and salvage their day, by covering an open car window with a plastic bag during a rainstorm. Wet bum cheeks are a sure-fire way to have your day head south but not when Gilligan is around.

16. Florence Welch Visits Sick Fan

This uber-talented British pop star, who performs as Florence and the Machine, gave a private performance to an adoring fan suffering from cancer. Florence visited a hospice after the teenage fan was unable to attend her concert due to her illness. An amazingly human act of kindness rises above fame and fortune to reveal Welch’s true giving character.

15. JK Rowling Memorializes Fan

Rowling named a character in her fourth book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, after a fan that was diagnosed with leukemia. Rowling actually wrote the ending of the book early for this little girl, but she passed away before reading it. Now she’ll be forever memorialized as a Rowling character – Natalie of Gryffindor.

14. Woody Harrelson Gifts a Panhandler

Approached by a panhandler in New York, Harrelson gave her his spare change. All $600 of it. This big-hearted actor definitely made her day.

13. Mailbox Bandit Repairs the Damage He Caused

Run over some stranger’s mailbox? It happens. What is one supposed to do? Well you could drive off and hope they don’t call the cops. Or you could drive to the closest Home Depot, get materials to repair the mailbox, and build it again better than it was before. We vote for the latter, and so did this guy. This is the best ending to a hit and run we’ve ever heard.

12. Lady Gaga Stands up for Sexuality

We all know Lady Gaga knows how to make a statement. She took a real stand at one of her concerts after learning a fan killed himself as a result of being bullied about his sexuality. She dedicated the concert to him and portrayed his image throughout the show to demonstrate that his suffering won’t be forgotten.

11. Firefighter Rescues a Dog

An off-duty firefighter, just coming home, noticed that his neighbor’s garage was on fire. He saw a mama dog and several puppies come out of the building but noticed one pup was trapped inside. The selfless firefighter entered the building to save the dog, even performing CPR on him once he was extracted.

The original owners didn’t come to claim the dog so the firefighter adopted him. This seems to be a case of “meant to be”.

10. Tyler Perry Replaces a Woman’s Stolen Car

Keen to help out those in need, Perry replaced a woman’s vehicle after it was stolen from her driveway. The woman suffers from cerebral palsy so this was no ordinary van. It was specially equipped to enable her to drive it. We trust those thieves had a hard time making a profit on that niche market vehicle.

9. Gary Sinise Improves Veterans’ Lives

Moved by his role as Lt. Dan in Forrest Gump, Sinise has turned to helping disabled veterans, but not necessarily in typical ways. He recently took 50 wounded vets to Disneyland and, of course, took care of all expenses.

8. Zach Galifianakis Pays Rent for an Old Friend

This leading funnyman moved a woman from the streets to her very own apartment. Recognizing her from his younger years, he wanted to help by covering her rent. Reports also indicate that he took her to see his The Hangover III première, just icing on the cake.

7. SeaWorld Team Rescues Humpback Whale

A massive humpback whale became entangled in hundreds of feet of fishing line south of LA. In a lengthy rescue attempt, the SeaWorld team was able to remove most of the line giving the whale a good prognosis. The team worked for many hours, even following the whale great distances to complete the job.

6. Ryan Gosling Saves a Woman’s Life

Gosling saved a woman’s life as she was about to walk into oncoming traffic. We’d all do this, right? But it’s a bigger deal when a dashing A-list celebrity saves your life. A British journalist was glancing the wrong way to look for traffic as she stepped off the curb in New York City. About to get run over, Gosling put his arm out to stop her.

5. Oprah Donates Big

Oprah’s own foundation, the Oprah Winfrey Foundation, helps those in need with education initiatives, with a specific focus on women and children. This big-hearted superstar has helped countless people through her show and continues to do so with her thought-leadership and wealth. Her total donations have reached upwards of $40 million.

4. Bigoted Act Sparks Gofundme Support

An Oxford student “activist” from Cape Town refused to tip a waitress because she was white. Why? Well he seemed to equate her as a symbol of oppression imposed upon South Africa by white people. He took pleasure in upsetting her, boasting about his actions on Facebook. It backfired. Folks saw his behavior as bullying and antiquated. A Gofundme page, set up by strangers for the waitress, has since raised over $6,000 in her support.

3. Two Brave Youngsters Rescue a Lamb

When animals are at risk, some people will go through amazing hurdles to save them. These two brave boys saved this lamb from being washed away in a flood. You can see that one young man got washed away himself. Heroic efforts.

2. Adele Makes a House Call

We love Adele. And after hearing of this, we love her even more. Adele stopped by the home of a seriously ill 12-year-old fan before performing. The young girl, who has found inspiration in Adele through her illness, was over the moon. Uber-talented and very grounded, Adele proves that her likeable persona is real.

1. Donald Trump gives a soon to be Orphan a College Scholarship.

Trump’s charitable endeavors are famous from opening up his exclusive Florida club once a week to wounded vets to helping raising millions of dollars in various charities each and every year. In fact we know he employes at least one person full time to make sure his donations are spent wisely.

But while on the campaign trail in Wisconsin a young woman who was diagnosed with a terminal illness and was helped by Trump in 2005 found her way to the microphone to share her story. After, there was not a dry eye in the house. I think this one you have have to see for yourself.