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Forget The Big Names. These Are Americas Best Value Colleges

With rapidly rising student debt and a weakening economy with no jobs there is one question on every potential students mind Which college is the best value? But what does value mean when it comes to college?

The answer is the college that produces the highest paid and of course employed graduates for the lowest tuition fees. So to help you decide where to go or where to asend yoru children here is America’s best value Colleges.

– University of Virginia, Virginia – $ 56,196

Established in 1819 by former President Thomas Jefferson, University of Virginia is known as one of the eight “Public” Ivy league schools.

In fact, Jefferson himself helped design the architecture of the school! That is impressive; but our next school is the only school in the nation that can brag about having not one – but two satellites in orbit…

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– United States Air Force Academy, Colorado $0

With an alumni list including 39 astronauts, it’s no surprise that the US Air Force Academy is also a national historic landmark. It boasts two satellites in orbit – The Falcon SAT – 3 and the Falcon SATS-5. Graduating as second lieutenants in the Air Force, about 25 % of students are also active intercollegiate athletes!

Secretary of State John Kerry is an alumni of the next school on our list… Click “Next” to see which one.

– Boston College, Massachusetts $63,022



Founded in 1863, this catholic college sits on top of Chestnut Hill, MA and is referred to as “The Heights”. Secretary of State John Kerry is an alumni. Boston College also has the largest Catholic alumni population in the world – with 168,000 alumni world-wide.

This next school has the honor of having graduated three former U.S Presidents AND comedian Jon Stewart…

– College of William & Mary, Virginia $53,435

Offering a joint degree with the University of St.Andrews ( which is an impressive a 600 years old ); The College of William & Mary is itself the second oldest college in the nation – surpassed in that regard only by Harvard.

Among the alumni of this college are three former U.S presidents ( Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe and John Tyler ) and beloved and renowned comedian Jon Stewart.
The co-founder of Google attended this next University…

– University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan $ 55,404

Former president Gerald Ford & Google co-founder Larry Page are among University of Michigan alumni. Football players at the University of Michigan play in”The Big House” – The largest stadium in the western hemisphere.

That’s not the only record breaking sized building located at University of Michigan – The University of Michigan Health System is made of one of the largest hospitals in the state! The number “13” is considered LUCKY at our next University…

– Colgate University, New York $62,405

Friday the 13th isn’t an unlucky day at Colgate University – In fact they celebrate it! With 13 being considered a “lucky” number; students are encouraged to celebrate every Friday the 13th as “Colgate Day”. Martha Stewart graduated from this next all girl college…

– Barnard College, New York $63,220



Martha Stewart graduated from this all girl school which is located right across the street from Columbia University. Students from Barnard College have been known to intern at companies like Goldman Sachs and Girls Inc . Barnard sets its students up for success – In 2012, President Barack Obama even delivered a keynote address there.

Can you imagine getting career advice from your University up to 2 years AFTER you graduate? That’s exactly what this next University offers…

– Vanderbilt University, Tennessee $62,320

Famous chemist Standford Moore is among several Nobel Prize winners to graduate from Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt University even has a Center for Student Professional Development which will offer career advice to assist graduates for two years after they leave school!

An impressive 92 % graduation rate ( second highest in the nation ) belongs to our next University…

– Bucknell University, Pennsylvania $63,040

Athletes at Bucknell University have an impressive 92% graduation rate – second only to one other school in the nation. With over 150 clubs for students to participate in; the 450-acre campus is complimented by many red brick buildings and large areas of green grass for students to gather on. The next college on this list can boast that it has won 34 Men’s national championships…

– Kenyon College, Ohio $ 62,160

At Kenyon College, students sign the “Matriculation Book”‘ which boasts signatures from former President Rutherford B Hayes and even popular author John Green.
One Third of Kenyon’s students compete in NCAA Division III athletics – The Swimming and Diving teams alone have won 34 Men’s national championships alongside 23 Woman’s national titles!

Alumni of our next University include three Pulitzer Prize winners…

– University of California, Los Angeles, California $55,856

The University of California has taught 3 Pulitzer Prize winners alongside many winners of the Academy Awards, Emmy’s, Golden Globes and Tony awards. When finals week approaches at University of California; students are encouraged to participate in the “Undie Run” – a cross campus race in nothing but their underwear.

You will not find a single plastic bottle anywhere on the campus of our next College…

– Whitman College, Washington – $ 58,228

The average grant received by 83 % of freshman at Whitman College is $ 19,500. With a serious focus on sustainability, Whitman College not only leases land out wind farms but also has entirely eliminated plastic bottles from their stores and campuses. Although it’s a small school; our next college offers a degree in conjunction with Columbia University…

– Colby College, Maine $61,100

Founded in 1813; Colby College offers an engineering degree in conjuction with Dartmouth College or Columbia University. Although it’s a small school; his well respected college is home to The Perkins Arboretum and Bird Sanctuary – a wildlife preserve spanning an impressive 128 acres. One of the oldest webpages in existence calls our next University home…

– University of North Carolina, Chapil Hill, North Carolina – $ 50,732

Home to one of the oldest webpages in existence, University of North Carolina is also the oldest public university in the country – being founded way back in 1789! Offering 74 bachelor’s degrees; UNC boasts a freshman return rate of an impressive 97 percent.

The next college on our list was the FIRST in the nation to admit African Americans…

– Oberlin College, Ohio $ 64,396

As the first college to admit African Americans; Oberlin College also set policy standard by being the first to grand bachelor’s degrees to woman. Oberlin College also allows via housing policy for students of any gender to be housed in any room on campus alongside each other. Students at the next school on our list are encouraged to rub a 100 year old stone for good luck during exams…

– University of California, Berkeley, $57,234

University of California students rub the “4.0” ball – a 100 year old rock that is believed to increase the chance of a perfect GPA. Perfection is an art from – the next school on our list has been visited by the Dalai Lama 3 times…

– Middlebury College, Vermont $61,160

The Dalai Lama visited Middlebury College for the third time in 2012 – contributing to this school that is already well known for it’s dedication to foreign language. That is impressive – but the next school on our list is responsible for graduating 33 Nobel Prize winners…

– California Institute of Technology, California $60,990

California Institute of Technology not only has 33 alumni who went on to win a Nobel Prize; but also has been visited by the likes of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Wow! Although, our next school on the list is the only one that can say former president George H.W Bush was a professor there…

– Rice University, Texas $56,316

Along with having former President George H.W Bush serve as a professor of science before his political career; Rice University was famously mentioned in John F. Kennedy’s speech about going to the moon when Kennedy claimed the reason man should go to the moon to be the same reason Rice plays football against University of Texas – “Because It’s hard.”

With 25 % of their students competing in Division I athletics; it’s easy to see why NBA star Stephen Curry graduated from our next school…

– Davidson College, North Carolina $60,921

Stephen Curry and former President Woodrow Wilson are both alumni of Davidson College. While 80 % of students at Davidson decide to work abroad during their studies – 75 % of Grad students who attend the next school on our list go on to pursue further education…

– Carleton College, Minnesota $62,465

With 75 % of Grad students from Carleton College pursuing further education; it’s no wonder how their students have created and operated radio station (KRLX) considered one of the best in the nation. Our next school on the list was founded all the way back in 1749 – with $20,000 of money donated by a founding father…

29 – Washington and Lee University, Virginia $60,084

George Washington donated $20,000 of stock in 1796 to found Washington and Lee University in 1749. That’s one old school! However, if you want to know where the oldest art collection belonging to a University calls home; you’ll want to take a look at our next school…

28 – Vassar College, New York $63,390



That’s right! Among having the oldest art collection belonging to a university; Vassar College also sponsors many students abroad – from places like Russia, France and even Costa Rica. Studying abroad is great, however, you can only get into the next school on our list with a presidential or congressional nomination…

– United States Naval Academy, Maryland $0

Established in 1845; Students are required to be nominated either by congress or by the President. This exclusivity is understandable considering that students serve in the Nuclear Navy power program. Speaking of power; the next college on our list can brag that they graduated one of the 2016 presidential nominees …

– Wellesley College, Massachusetts $61,088

Alumni Hilary Clinton is among many successful woman to attend this all women’s college. The average grant received by 58% of freshman here is $37,000. Our next school can brag about having one of only five existing hand written copies of the Gettysburg Address …

– Cornell University, New York $63,606

Aside from owning a handwritten copy of the Gettysburg Address; Cornell University also has old roots – being founded way back in 1865! With over 4,000 courses to choose from; it’s easy to see why this is one of the Ivy league schools. The University flag of the next school on our list actually orbited the Earth 127 times in 1984…

– Tufts University, Massachusetts $63,400

Tufts Alumni and Astronaut Frederick Hauck carried the Tuft University flag with him on a space mission in 1984 – resulting in the university flag orbiting the earth 127 times! About 50 % of Tufts Students study abroad in places like Chile, China and even Paris.

However Bill Clinton did not graduate here; That honor belongs to the next school on our list…

– Georgetown University, District of Columbia $64,540

That’s right! Georgetown University boasts alumni among the heights of political success such as former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Madeline Albright. Georgetown is also home to the nations biggest all student owned and operated corporation; AND the oldest student theater group. Wow!

The next school on our list is home to more endangered primates than anywhere else in the world…

– Duke University, North Carolina $63,999

Along with being home to 200 lemurs and other endangered primates at the Lemur Center, Duke University also boasts the fact that some 50 % of their undergrads travel internationally. The next college on our list offers not only “Nordic Skiing” – but also sorts their students into “Houses” similar to the Harry Potter series…

– Bowdoin College, Maine $51,650

Since abolishing Greek Life; students of Bowdoin College are sorted into 8 “houses” in their first year; similar to the “houses” in the Harry Potter series.
Also over 50 % of Bowdoin’s junior class travels abroad to well over 50 countries and the average grant received by half of the freshman totals $36,000.

20 – Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania $62,450

As the third-highest producer of Ph.D students in the country; Swarthmore College also has a longstanding tradition of watching “The Graduate” in celebration every new school year. About 93 % of students live on Swarthmore College’s 425 acre campus.

The next school on our list is not only one of the oldest Universities in the country; but also home to over 7 millions books…

19 – Princeton University, New Jersey $58,965

As one of the oldest colleges in the country, Princeton is also home to over 7 million books; including rare books and archives. With 10 libraries, the University also has over 6 million microfilms on record. Princeton’s generous financial aid program gives campus jobs instead of loans & notable graduates include former Presidents Woodrow Wilson and James Madison.

Our next school boasts an impressive endowment of $ 19.3 Billion dollars…

18 – Yale University, Connecticut $63,970

With an impressive endowment of $19.3 Billion; Yale University boasts graduating 5 former U.S presidents ( William Howard Taft, Gerald Ford, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush & George H.W Bush). Yale’s campus spans a 1,153 acre campus and offers 2,000 courses to choose from. Their rivalry with Harvard dates back to 1875; when both schools created the tradition of wearing school colors.

Applicants to the next school on this list must have a Congressional nomination to become a student…

17 – United States Military Academy, New York $0

The United States Military Academy was signed into legislation by former President Thomas Jefferson in 1802. Applicants to this Academy must have a Congressional nomination in order to become students. 80 Nobel Prize Winners have graduated from our next school…

16 – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts $ 61,030

Used in reference in popular movies and television shows such as “Good Will Hunting” and “The Big Bang Theory”; MIT is one of the countries top technological institutions.
MIT has had the honor of graduated 80 Nobel Prize winners & roughly 56 % of freshman receive grants averaging $36,000.

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg graduated from the next school on our list…

15 – Harvard University, Massachusetts $62,250

The title of oldest institution of higher learning in the U.S belongs to Harvard University; founded in 1636. Boasting the largest university endowment in the U.S ( $36 Billion ); Harvard has recently taken a stand against fossil fuel divestment.

Harvard University has graduated many famous alumni including Facebook Co-Founder Mark Zuckerberg, 47 Nobel Prize Winners, 48 Pulitzer Prize winners, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and many more. This next University has graduated some of the most famous athletes…

14 – Stanford University, California $62,801

Stanford University has graduated some of the most famous athletes – from John Elway to Tiger Woods; John McEnroe to Michelle Wie. With one of the biggest endowments in the world ( about $21 Billion ); Stanford has also graduated 21 Nobel Prize winners and other alumni include former President of the United States Herbert Hoover.

Former President John F. Kennedy graduated from this next University…

13 – Brown University, Rhode Island $62,694

CNN founder Ted Turner and former President John F. Kennedy, Jr are among alumni from Brown University. Offering an open curriculum ; the University has earned the reputation of THE most eccentric and liberal of the Ivy league schools. Students at our next school have a tradition of sledding down the campus on cafeteria trays from the school diner…

12 – Amherst College, Massachusetts $64,006

The students of Amherst College have been known to enforce the tradition of going sledding down Memorial Hill during the winter using the Colleges dining trays. Amherst College’s 1,000 acre campus includes a Wildlife Sanctuary and four museums. Former U.S President James Garfield is an alumni of this next college…

11 – Williams College, Massachusetts $64,020

Williams College is home to first prints of the Declaration of Independence in addition to also housing George Washington’s personal copy of the Federalist Papers. Former U.S President James Garfield is an alumni as is co-founder of AOL and billionaire Steve Case. Along with housing the worlds largest collection of Quaker history; this next college also has a three and a half acre duck pond!

10 – Haverford College, Pennsylvania $64,226

Founded in 1896; Haverford College is home to a three and a half acre duck pond. Alumni include three Nobel Prize winners; 20 Rhodes scholars and even 6 Pulitzer Prize winners! Haverford College was also named by Forbes as one of the top schools in the nation for producing entrepreneurs; aswell as being home to the largest collection of Quaker history in the entire world.

This next school is home to one of the oldest secret societies in the country; “The Skull and Serpant”…

9 – Wesleyan University, Connecticut $64,163

As the home of one of the oldest secret societies in the country ( the Skull and Serpant ) ; Wesleyan University scholarships for undergraduate classes go well over $49 million. Offering 45 majors in over 1,000 courses; this University also hosts popular spring break “DanceMasters” shows and has alumni who include director Michael Bay. The oldest college newspaper in the country ( founded in 1799 ) calls our next school home…

8 – Dartmouth College, New Hampshire $65,133

Dartmouth College is home to the countries OLDEST college newspaper; founded in 1799 and known as “The Dartmouth”. Among graduating three Nobel Prize winners; over half of the students at Dartmouth College also study abroad through various programs. Our next school can brag about having an annual budget of over $ 2 billion dollars…

7 – Northwestern University, Illinois $65,519

With an annual budget of over $2 billion; Northwestern University also has alumni among which include famous comedian and talk show host Stephen Colbert. Hosting what is known as “Armadillo Day”; Northwestern University has a host of bands perform on the Lakefront. Benjamin Franklin founded this next University way back in 1740…

6 – University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania $64,200

Benjamin Franklin founded the University of Pennsylvania in 1740. Continuing it’s dedication to entrepreneurship and invention; this university has also graduated billionaires such as Elon Musk and Warren Buffet. A staggering 87 Nobel Prize winners have graduated from this next school…

5 – University of Chicago, Illinois $67,572

With alumni including a whopping 87 Nobel Prize Winners; the University of Chicago also holds a traditional celebratory scavenger hunt where both faculty and students hunt for eccentric objects around campus.

The University of Chicago is also known as one of the preeminent research institutions in the U.S. Over 96 % of students at this next school graduate on time…

4 – University of Notre Dame, Indiana $62,461

Not only known for it’s amazingly impressive football history; University of Notre Dame is also known for it’s graduation rates – 96% of students graduate on time. This university also has long had a relationship with the Peace Corps – 800 + students have entered the Corps since 1961.

Current President of the United States and Nobel Prize winner Barack Obama graduated from the next school on this list…

3 – Columbia University, New York $66,604

Columbia University has graduated Nobel Prize winners and former Presidents; among both of those categories including President of the United States Barack Obama.
The Pulitzer Prize has been won by over 90 Colombians and the University is proud that 57 % of it’s freshman come from public high schools.
Known for being one of the most exclusive schools in the country, only 10.8 % of applicants are accepted into our next school…

2 – Claremont McKenna College, California $64,215

Claremont McKenna College is known for it’s competitive admissions, as only 10.8 % of student applications were accepted last year. Claremont McKenna College also has received the largest recorded donation ever given to a liberal arts institution when in 2007; Robert A. Day donated 200 million dollars.

The next school on our list is famous for it’s traditional “Ski=Beach Day”; where students both go skiing and lounge on a beach on the same day…

1 – Pomona College, California $62,632

Founded in 1887, Pomona College students have a tradition known as “Ski-Beach Day”, where they go skiing in the morning on the San Gabriel Mountains before relaxing on a local beach that evening. With over 2,000 classes to choose from; it’s no suprise that Pomona also offers study abroad programs to 34 different countries!

The average grant received by 57 % of Pomonas freshman is $ 40,000 . Let’s hope that doesn’t ALL go towards sunscreen & ski shoes.

Now that you know about the best colleges in the country; Here are the ones to avoid like the plague.

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By the numbers, college applications are on the rise – but not for these schools. Some of the least popular colleges on this list may surprise you!


25 – Southeastern Louisiana University



First on our list is Southeastern Louisiana University. With an acceptance rate of 83.7 percent; over the past decade the percentage of applicants has decreased by 22 % .

Next on our list is another University in Louisiana with an even lower acceptance rate…

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24 – Northwestern State University of Louisiana

This next university has seen a drop in applications of 22.67 % over the last 10 years. The acceptance rate at Northwestern State University of Louisiana is 73 %.

The next school on our list may have an 86 % acceptance rate – but it has the lowest application rate so far…

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23 – University of Wisconsin-Parkside


The University of Wisconsin-Parkside has an acceptance rate of 86 %. However according to the most recent statistics; Applications are down by a whopping 23.17 % !


This next school may have an Acceptance rate of 93.4 % – but the Admissions rate is the worst yet…

22- Lock Haven University


Lock Haven University has had a decline in Admissions over the past decade of 23.83 % ! Although the Admission rate is 93.4 %.

This next University can boast about it’s 97.4 Acceptance rate – but yet again the Applicants are dwindling rapidly…

21- Western State Colorado University

Western State Colorado University has had a decrease in applicants of 24.4 % over the past decade. That’s almost a one fourth drop in applications! It is easy to see why the Acceptance rate is 97.4 % .

The next school on our list may have an even LOWER amount of applications; but it definitely has a more exclusive Acceptance rate….

20 – Clayton State University

Over the last 10 years; Applications to Clayton State University have dropped 25.21 percent. With such a high drop in applicants; Clayton State keeps it’s exclusivity with a 42.4 % Acceptance rate.

Next up is a school in Missouri – one that accepts 75.8 % of it’s applicants…

19 – University of Missouri – St. Louis

The University of Missouri has had Admissions drop by 25.34 % over the past ten years. However, the Acceptance rate at University of Missouri is 75.8 % and the 2014-15 undergraduate enrollment was 13,874.

This next college has the biggest drop in applications so far…

18 – Morehouse College

Morehouse College has had an applications drop over the past ten years of 26.31 % . Wow! With an undergraduate enrollment of 2,109 for the 2014-15 school year; Moorehouse has an acceptance rate of 84 % .

This next school on our list has the biggest drop in applications yet…

17 – University of Connecticut – Tri – Campus

The University of Connecticut ( with a 2014-15 academic year enrollment of 2,384 students ) has seen a drop in Admissions over the past 10 years of an alarming 27.4 % . The Acceptance rate at University of Connecticut is 65.8 % .

The next University on our list has an Acceptance rate of 95.3 %….

16 – Palm Beach Atlantic University

Palm Beach Atlantic University has an Acceptance rate of 95.3 %. With a 2014-15 undergraduate enrollment of 3,021; Palm Beach Atlantic University has had an interesting 27.56 % drop in Applications over the past decade.

15- Drake University

Drake University has an Acceptance rate of 86.3 %. The decrease in Applications over the past 10 years is 6.72 %.

This next University has one of the lowest acceptance rates in the country…

14 – United States Naval Academy

The United States Naval Academy has one of the lowest acceptance rates in the country, only accepting 7.4 % of Applicants. Over the past 10 years, applications have dropped by 7.06 % !

The next college on our list admitted only 10.6 % of students this past school year…

13 – Reed College

Reed College has accepted 10.6 % of applicants this past school year. While maintaining it’s exclusivity – the school has had a drop of applications of 7.6 % over the past decade.

This next University’s decline in Applications has come as a surprise to many…

12- University of Connecticut

The University of Connecticut over the past ten years has had a decrease in applications of 8.3 % ! Many students go to this school who are from Connecticut; hoping to get in on the cheap in state tuition.

Next on our list is a University in New York that has just seen it’s very first year of decreased applications…

11- Columbia University in the City of New York

The Columbia University in the City of New York has experienced a decrease in applications over the past ten years of a surprising 8.5 %. Although it is still one of the more excusive schools in the nation. Every single year over the past decade applications have increased – except for this last year.

This next school on our list has seen it’s acceptance rate drop to a new low…

10 – Brigham Young University- Provo

Brigham Young University has had a decrease in Applications of 9.03 % over the past ten years. In addition to this; the schools acceptance rate has also dropped to a new low of 49.4 %.

Next on our list has just 1,541 TOTAL students….

9- Whitman College

With only 1,541 total students; Whitman College is able to offer small classes. Over the past decade; Applications to this school have dropped by 9.39 %. The acceptance rate here is on the rise however; going up to 57 % in 2013.

Our next school offers financial aid to 100% of its students and Applications are STILL dropping…

8- Messiah College

Messiah College offers financial aid to 100 % of its students. Even still; the applications to this college have dropped by 10.05 % over the last 10 years.

Next is a school in California that had a LARGE decrease in applicants last year…

7- University of San Diego

The University of San Diego has seen a decrease in Applicants of 11.37 % over the last ten years. Most of that is in the past year alone. Even though applicants are on the drop; the school still enrolled 15.3 % more students in 2013 than it did in 2012.

Next on our list is a college in Iowa….

6 – Grinnell College

Applications to Grinell College have decreased by 12.63 % in the past ten years. Perhaps in sync with that; the Acceptance rate for the school has also dropped by almost half – down to 35.1 % in 2013.

Next on our list is a school that has seen a LARGE decline in applications…

5- Rhodes College

Rhodes College has seen a decrease in Applications of 14.09 % over the past decade! In addition to that; Acceptance rates have gone up to 57.6 % .

Next on our list is a school that has both declining Applications and declining Admissions…

4 – Wofford College

Over the last decade; Wofford College has watched its applications drop by 14.98 %. The Acceptance rate at Wofford has gone down by 5.5 % also.

Our next college is the SMALLEST college on this list….

3 – Millsaps College

Millsaps College has a total of only 804 students. A low number of students is understandable consider the school has had a decrease in Applications of 15.7% over the past decade. In 2013 it was reported that Millsap’s Acceptance rate was down to 47.4 %!

Next on our list and second from last is a school that has one of the lowest Acceptance rates in the country….

2 – United States Air Force Academy

The United States Air Force Academy has had a decrease in Applications of 21.51 % over the last ten years! The United States Air Force Academy also has one of the lowest Acceptance rates in the country.

The next and final school has had such a decrease in Applications over the past 10 years; that it has landed on the #1 spot on this list….

1 – Boston College

Boston College takes the top slot on this list. In the past decade alone; Boston College has seen it’s Applications dwindle by 27.96%! Even though Boston College has enrolled 7.9% fewer students; the Acceptance rate has still risen to 32.2%.