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The Best 80’s Sitcoms That Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again (I Bet You Don’t Know Every Theme Song)

Don’t you wish you can hop in a Delorean and go back to the days when “poof” hairdos were cool, nerds were uncool, rock and rollers wore women’s make up, you stuck $2 into a vending machine and out jumped a pack of friggin’ smokes and Frogger was state of the art gaming technology?

The days when Michael Jackson sat on top of the world (unless he was staying in the Beverly Palms Hotel) and wrote some of the cheesiest tunes ever with Beatles Legend Paul McCartney.

Let’s go back in time and review all the cheesiest 80’s TV Sitcoms that we all miss so dearly. Just for the hell of it. Warning: You’re going to cry, and I bet you sing a long to all the theme songs too.

The A Team
No. I’m not talking about that latter day retro disaster that didn’t even have Mr. T in it. This is for the orginal gangsters. I’m talking about the original crew of vigilantes who fearlessly took down the bad guys for fun and profit. Some will argue that this was not comedy, much less situation comedy, but some of us beg to differ. Click “Start Slideshow” to begin.

Married with Children
A used women’s shoe salesman is stuck in a household with his horny son Bud, his hot daughter Kelly and his lazy wife Peg. This sitcom was full of antics, including the big bar brawl Al Bundy started when took his son Bud to the nudie bar for the first time.

Police Squad
This 1982 sitcom starring Leslie Nielsen was a spoof of police shows and movies from the late 50’s and 60’s. Despite winning two Emmy’s, the show was canceled within a few months. It’s strong cult following culminated in The Naked Gun movies, another gem of the 80’s.

Family Matters
This ultra-cheesy sitcom began a little late in the 80’s and it went on all the way to 1998. 1998 was a couple of years before nerds starting becoming cool and attracting the ladies like magnets. The awkward Family Matters star Steve Urkel missed that train.

Gimme a Break
A police chief loses his wife to illness, and he asks Nell Harper to move in to take care of his daughters. Nothing cheesy about any of that, but the jokes sure were.

An annoying wisecracking alien born on the Lower East Side of Melmac crash lands into the garage of a married couple and somehow convinces them to let him live in their house. The US Alien Task Force was after him and his planet got blown to smithereens anyway, so what the heck. A lot of cheesy fun ensues, and he even ends up on Gilligan’s Island once, where some of his favorite slapstick characters dwell.

Good Times
This show never aired in the 80’s, but sue me! This was one dynomite sitcom featuring JJ, the only character that you’ll likely remember besides Buffalo Butt. It ran from 74-79, during the rise of black family sitcoms.

Perfect Strangers
It may be cheesy, but this mid-late 80’s sitcom was more hilarious than a description can justify. A Greek sheepherder finds his cousin in the USA, and they end up sharing a place together. An odd couple that gave us laughs week in and week out.

The Young Ones
This British sitcom, which ran from 82-84, is funnier than all of the above combined, and you’ve probably never even seen it. Just think of Monty Python as normal and this show as “experimental humor” in comparison (really). MTV ran this sitcom in 1985, making it popular in the USA but it was a world wide phenomenon before that.

The Dukes of Hazzard
Them rascally Duke boys were known for antics and their wild car chases with Rosco P. Coltrane hot on the pursuit. They jumped over rivers with ramps that didn’t even exist! It was like pop-a-wheelies but with cars! And their cousin Daisy was sweeeeet!

What do you call this, a sequel sitcom or something? You already know about M*A*S*H*, the one with all the funny Korean war doctors and medical staff? This one chronicles all of their boring lives after the war. This one was a huge flop and I bet you can’t remember its theme song.

Small Wonder
This dude builds a robot that is identical to a little girl, except for super-human strength, a stereotypical robot voice and a plethora of other quirks. He decides to raise her within his family so that she can assimilate with humans.

Three’s Company
Hetero playa Jack Tripper teams up with two roommates, Janet and Chrissy (and someone else at some point) by lying to the landlord that Jack is gay. Seems like most of the gags involve the landlord listening in on conversations that appear quite dirty out of their proper context.

Harry and the Hendersons
Oh god! A cheesy movie about a lovable family-friendly sasquatch becomes a freakin’ TV series? Enough said.

The Love Boat
Many of you remember that really catchy and annoying theme song that you just couldn’t get out of your head! It probably happened every time, right?! Straight through the following day! It likely drove you crazy! You might have stopped watching it for that purpose.

Mork and Mindy
Debuting in the late ‘70’s, this is a heartwarming tale of a hilarious erratic extraterrestrial, exiled from a planet where humor is despised, who falls in love with a young hot Boulder woman. Boulder is full of these women, believe me. Ooh la la! Of course this was the show that launched Robin Williams career.

Who’s the Boss
These were the days when tough guys, especially tough Italian guys, were the life blood of television. Tony Danza’s character makes an MLB player to housekeeper transition in some kind of gender role reversal that might have been a big deal in the 80’s. He tells a lot of cheesy jokes and plays with the kids while their divorced working mom was at work. The horny grandma keeps chasing after 20 year olds in every episode.

Mama’s Family
Vicki Lawrence plays Thelma Harper, a cranky old lady who takes in her divorced son and his two teenage boys and all hell breaks loose. OK, you just have to watch it if you haven’t already. The sitcom comes from a Carol Burnett sketch, so it’s gotta be a hoot! Click “Next” to continue.

My Two Dads
Having two dads was a strange concept in the 80’s. These guys weren’t even gay, but they decided to raise a daughter. They must’ve been pretty good buddies.

Family Ties
Two hippie activists have a son who later becomes a teenage conservative Nixon freak during their more domestic days. Their daughter ends up dating a dumb ogre who looks like Rambo. Even former agitators need some agitation once in a while, apparently.