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Celebrities With Bizarre Pets (#3 Could Be Illegal)

When you have the fame and fortune to buy anything you want – lavish homes, expensive cars, extravagant trips – it only makes sense to acquire a pet or two to help you feel complete. But move over boring old dog or cat, celebrities are often much more creative and daring with their pets… (You won’t believe how crazy #1 is!)

Is it attention-seeking behavior? The desire for unconditional love? Because they’ve dreamed of that, lemur, alpaca, racoon or chicken their whole lives? We might never know the answer but we can certainly be entertained by the eccentric-ness of it all.

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#20. Anthony Carmelo and his camel

pets of celebrities

A pet camel seems to cross the line and raises a bunch of questions. Is it legal? Don’t camels live in the desert? Does Carmelo know how to care for it? Apparently he didn’t want a dog or cat – too mainstream. Information about the camel is fleeting so we suspect the NBA player and the camel have parted ways. Click “Start Slideshow” to find out who owns Lemurs…

#19. Kirstie Alley and her ring-tailed Lemurs

pets of celebrites

Kirstie has many lemurs and claims they are fairly calm creatures. She doesn’t suggest taking them as pets though because they live for around 30 years. That’s a big commitment! They’d live with you for longer than your kids would. Plus she has help, the kind of expensive help most regular people can’t afford. Click “Next.”

#18. Khloe Khardashian and her peacock

pets of celebrities

A rather noble endeavor, Khloe rescued a peacock that she was worried would be put down. She doesn’t technically own the peacock since he just wandered on to her property but she encouraged him to stay by feeding and caring for him. (Whatever that means.) Lamar was not a fan.

#17. Melanie Griffiths and her mom’s lion

pets of celebrities

We can’t blame Melanie since she was only a kid but she had a full-grown lion living in her family home as she grew up! Tippi Hedren, Melanie’s mom, took the advice of a lion trainer who suggested “Neil” the lion move in with the family so she could properly prepare for the movie “Roar” she later starred in. Oh of course. That makes perfect sense now. NOT! Tippi Hedren, has since expressed extreme regret at the craziness of this choice.

#16. Nicolas Cage and his octopus

pets of celebrities

Unconditional love? We think not. Acting help? We think not. Wait… Acting help? According to Cage this is what his octopus did for him. Not sure it helped him $150,000 later. He might have come to his senses because he doesn’t have it anymore.

#15. Mike Tyson and his pigeons

pets of celebrities

We know he has a tiger or two, but we thought we’d talk about the pigeons instead because it almost makes sense that a tough guy like Tyson would have a tiger. But pigeons? Not so much. He has had a love of pigeons his whole life, finding a sort of peace in them as a youngster. When a neighborhood bully killed one of his pet pigeons as a child, it ignited his passion for fighting. Certainly not everyone’s cup of tea but Tyson found inspiration in them.

#14. Nicole Kidman and her alpacas

pets of celebrities

Nicole Kidman has several Alpacas on her farm in Tennessee. Her main rationale is because of their appearance. She describes them as pretty, with long eyelashes. Can we blame her? It’s nice to be surrounded by pretty things. I’m sure Keith Urban feels the same.

#13. Steve Tyler and his raccoon

pets of celebrities

Raccoons are known to scavenge for garbage, can be quite destructive and quite vicious. Not our idea of a great pet but Tyler had one as a child. He still talks about it now so there are obviously some fond memories there.

#12. Vanilla Ice and his wallaroo

pets of celebrities

Remember Vanilla Ice? Oh, yeah! Remember when his Wallaroo escaped? No, we didn’t either. We haven’t heard much about Vanilla Ice’s musical career lately but he did get some attention when his Wallaroo escaped in 2004. Wallaroo’s live for about 20 years, so we assume they are still together.

#11. Reese Witherspoon and her donkeys

pets of celebrities

She named them ‘Honky and Tonky’ and perhaps rightfully so, given the noise level the neighbors were subjected to. She has pets because she thinks it important to teach her kids the importance of caring for animals. Last we checked, a regular old pooch needs to be fed and watered and walked and bathed…

#10. Adam Jones with his tiny dog

pets of celebrities

Ok so a dog is a very unremarkable pet but what is remarkable is that Adam Jones, the Bengals Cornerback, has a teensy weensy tiny dog – a yorkie in fact. Jones might not be the biggest athlete on the planet but he weights about 26 times as much as his tiny companion! We hope they don’t share a bed…

#9. Kristen Stewart and her wolf-dog hybrid

pets of celebrities

Kristen Stewart comes by this love honestly. Her mom rescued some of the same many years ago and raised them – which is legal where she lives. Kristen’s wolf-dog “Jack” is beautiful, and, very sweet, according to her. But let’s not forget that he his half predator.

#8. Paris Hilton and her kinkajou

pets of celebrities

Kinkajous are rainforest mammals and are related to raccoons and coatimundi. The kinkajou is also known as a ‘honey bear’, which sounds a whole lot cuter than a raccoon. We can probably all agree that a rainforest creature shouldn’t be living with an American socialite, and apparently the animal agreed because it bit her and she bid it farewell shortly thereafter.

#7. Tori Spelling and her silkie bantam chicken

pets of celebrities

Or course Tori Spelling doesn’t have just a regular old chicken, she has a Silkie Bantam chicken. They are fluffy, silky and quite docile. ‘”Coco” often appears as a chic accessory (pun intended) to Tori. Plus she’s kind of cute. And let’s face it, we’d choose her over some of these other less lovable pets.

#6. Charlie Sheen and his Chinese water dragon

pets of celebrities

Chinese Water Dragons are quite striking creatures. Lovely to look at but they do require a great deal of care. Speculation has it that Charlie wasn’t up to the challenge as his water dragon died, supposedly, and very sadly, from neglect.

#5. Willow Smith and her snakes

pets of celebrities

Willow is said to be quite obsessed with her pet snakes, cuddling and sleeping in close quarters with them. Reports suggest she has upwards of 10 and many aren’t caged.

#4. Jose Canseco and his goats

pets of celebrities

The former major league baseball star added goats to his “zoo” which includes dogs, tortoises and, well, goats. Motley zoo if you ask us. The goats are actually miniature silky fainting goats (mini silkies) and he and his girlfriend planned to keep them as pets. Perhaps Jose and Tori should have a “silkie” playdate.

#3. Angelina Jolie and her rat

pets of celebrities

A rat isn’t the oddest pet but there are a couple of odd facts that go along with Angelina’s pet rat. First, it’s a girl but she named it “Harry”; and, second, she sometimes took baths with it. Ewwwww. We can only wonder why. Harry was a gift from Billie Bob.

#2. Kim Basinger and her hermit crabs

pets of celebrities

With a love for animals, Basinger has had many pets. Crabs can be difficult to care for but can be quite entertaining and cute to some (especially children). They also don’t cost an arm and a leg like some of these other exotic creatures.

#1. The guy with the grizzly bear and his grizzly bear

pets of celebrities

This is our #1 pick because… well… because it’s a bear. A bear!! Casey Anderson is a TV host and animal trainer who gained newfound celebrity status when he appeared on Oprah to talk about his bear “Brutus”, whom he rescued from being euthanized when he was 5 months old. It’s quite an amazing and touching story. Brutus often hangs out in the house and also acted as Casey’s best man. Casey says the relationship works if you “play by the right rules”. We bet that’s true. We also wonder what the best man speech was like.