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They Found Her With A Hole In Her Head. Then This Happened.


Dogs starving on the streets are a sadly common sight, yet the idea of someone intentionally causing harm to a helpless creature pulls on the heart strings in an especially powerful way. When a mother dog with a strong will to live was found discarded in the bushes with a severe wound to her head, rescue workers rushed to the scene to see if she could be saved.

There were very little signs for encouragement and the rescuers almost gave up… But they pushed through and created a truly remarkable and inspiring story.

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Not knowing whether they would find her dead or alive, animal rescuers search the area where residents reported finding a badly wounded mother dog unable to move.


Completely helpless and possibly having surrendered to death, the little dog is found lying in the bushes, her swollen teats betraying the pups she may have been forced to leave behind.


A close up look into her eyes reveals pain and suffering to the level few of us could understand, yet she seems to hold a ray of hope, now that someone has seemingly come to her aid.


Despite the hope she could be feeling, the agony of holding her head up appears too much; she closes her eyes to rest her wounded skull back on the ground.


The rescuers tenderly wrap her in a towel to help her however they can; at this point, they certainly would be wondering if there is even a slight chance of her recovery.


As rescuers first begin to move her, the helpless mother again looks up as if to send a message that she is not beyond hope and is grateful for help.


Even though it may be causing her tremendous pain to be moved, the little dog allows rescuers to carry her towards safety without so much as a whimper.


Rescuers work together to load the wounded dog into the truck while causing her the minimum possible amount of stress and agitation.


Upon arrival to the rescue center, the little mother again appears exhausted and almost lifeless. While she certainly knows by now that her handlers are trying to help her, her body must ache in pain and her head trauma makes every breath a fight for life.


Again working in teams, rescuers provide a tender touch while placing her limp body on the examination table to try to discover the extent of her injuries.


Already looking a bit more spry, the injured dog holds her head and neck up while she’s given a thorough examination; although no one has any idea who or what may have harmed her, they are committed to helping her heal in any way they can.


Her will may be strong but her legs and body are weak; as rescuers work to determine the level of her paralysis, they quickly realize she simply cannot stand on her own.


Her feet seem to fold up underneath her no matter how hard she tries; the wound to her head has paralyzed her from the neck down, and rescuers have no way to know if she’ll ever regain the use of her legs.


For now, they’ve learned what they need to know about her paralysis and help to lay her back down in order to continue providing medical care and a tender touch.


The little dog seems satisfied to rest on her side for now and has developed a great deal of trust in her gentle handlers.


The wound to the top of her head is deep and wide; who could have possibly done such a thing to a helpless little dog, and what may have become of her puppies? Rescuers push aside thoughts of anger and sadness to do what needs to be done.


The wound is carefully bandaged to protect it from insects and other sources of contamination. The rescuers may feel powerless, as little more can be done at this point.


With her head wrapped, she’s given injections to help her rebuild her strength and reduce the chances of infection which could take her life in a shockingly brief time period.


Now is the time when the little dog needs to rest. She’ll be given comfort, warmth and support, but no one knows if any of this will be enough to help her pull through her traumatic experience.


One additional yet smaller wound is found on her leg and is bandaged before giving her time for peace, quiet and healing.


If she is to recover, she’ll need to eat to regain her strength. Yet at this point, she can’t even move her legs to face the bowl of food she is offered.


After positioning her body to face the bowl of milk, rescuers can now only hope that the little dog will have the will to eat and to live.


Once she realizes what is beneath her nose, she begins to gently lap up the nourishment that is being offered! While everyone near knows this is a good sign that she’ll survive, no one can say whether she’ll ever be able to walk again.


The little dog’s bandage must be frequently changed and the wound evaluated to ensure it is properly healing. She seems to be regaining a bit of strength in her body at this point, but still has a long way to go.


While it is critical to keep the wound clean, the washing solution stings and causes the little girl to wince in pain. Rescuers must protect her eyes as the liquid pours down her face.


Relieved to have her wound cleaned out, a fresh bandage is placed on top of her head; the wound is not infected and seems to be healing!


Wrapping is critical to hold the bandage in place, even though it is not the most comfortable adornment for the little girl to wear atop her head.


Before her wound has even fully healed, this brave little dog is able to stand on her own again! She’s still wobbly and no one knows how much more she’ll recover, but her progress so far is nothing short of amazing.


Rescuers continue to provide encouragement, comfort and tenderness. Will this little girl ever run again?


Holding her head down low, the dog seems to wonder herself if her body will ever fully function again. Rescuers do everything they can to keep her spirits up during this critical period of healing.


The little dog, whom rescuers named Muriel, was given intensive care for a two month period during which time she continued to make slow but steady improvements.


Yet once that two month period was complete, Muriel seemed to be as good as new!


Every caregiver at the facility seems to offer continuous support to this little trooper, and Muriel appears grateful for the gift of her life.


Standing tall and proud, Muriel has fully regained the use of her legs and is able to spend her days with the other rescue dogs at the facility.


She also has the companionship of the numerous tender caregivers who seem to offer a kind touch every time they come near her.


Kisses and petting abound for both Muriel and her canine companions at the rescue facility!


Muriel’s physical condition is impressive; with her sleek and athletic look along with her sweet personality, rescuers hope she’ll be able to find a forever home with new family members who will cherish her for the remainder of her days.


She obviously loves to show her affection to those who have helped her and is excellent around other dogs as well.


Each and every rescuer at the center seems to have developed a special bond with Muriel; having watched her challenging recovery, she seems to provide them with an inner sense of hope that all things are possible.


No matter how close she may have come to death, Muriel’s spirit still shines so brightly and brings smiles to the faces of the people around her.


From time to time, her own smile makes her appear almost human; perhaps she is especially fond of the cradling she receives from one of her favorite handlers.