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What He Built In His Basement Was Genius

When one man moved into a new house, he was puzzled on how to use the basement. The small room had no windows or insulation, so it could not be used as a proper bedroom. It was only really used for storage. That is, until this man decided to put the room to a much better and entertaining use.

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The man first saw this basement in his new home and knew it had potential to be so much more than a simple storage room.

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There was no insulation in the storage room, which could pose a problem, as the room would get way too hot and way too cold in extreme weather. It was clear that he would have to make big plans.


First, he had to get an idea of the space he was working with. He drew out the entire space and labeled it so that he could begin the process of drawing out his plans.


After months of deciding, he finally had a rough sketch up of just what he planned on building in his basement. Many designs preceded this one, but this is what he used to begin his dream for the basement. This basement was destined to become a home theater that is the stuff of dreams.


To start, the Imgur user added framing to the walls. At this time, he also added the electrical wiring, which required him to make decisions about where he would need outlets in this new room.


The next step was to draw begin sound proofing his basement. The plans were drawn up so that work could begin.


He used RSIC-3 clips to aid in the sound isolation. In fact, he wanted to take every opportunity to create the highest quality sound system possible.


He had the sound dampening Green Glue put in between two layers of drywall, so that sound could not be heard from outside of the room. He really wanted to keep all sound in the room!


These boxes were put in behind light fixtures so that sound would not possibly get out of the room through the many holes cut for the lights.


He took absolutely every possible measure to really provide an amazing audio experience in his basement. He even put putty between the walls and outlet plates.


The ventilation for the basement is disconnected from the rest of the house so that sounds from other rooms are not carried into the media room through the vents.


The ventilation fan is hidden quietly in the supply closet and cannot be heard at all from outside of the closet.


As if all of this effort was not already impressive, he even encased the ventilation shaft in a dead vent all the way across the back of the home theater.


A dead vent is really just a box that is built around the ventilation shaft that deadens the sound made by the air conditioning unit. It does this by dissipating the sound.


Here is a picture with all of the drywall completed, as well as the dead vent in the back of the room. This includes all of the guy’s efforts to make this room as sound proof on both sides as possible.


This picture shows the media room painted and ready for more cosmetic renovations to make the space comfortable and luxurious.


The Imgur user got to this point in the project a whole three years after the project was started. This project required a great deal of time and determination, and he was not even closed to finished.


Any great home theater is not complete without a riser for theater seating. No doubt that the viewing experience will be fantastic after these risers are put in.


At first, the guy put in a single stair to enter the back row of the home theater. However, he soon decided that this would not be nearly enough pace for multiple people to comfortable enter the back row seating.


To add to the appeal and comfort of the risers, he finally decided to build a step all the way along the back riser.


Notice how the outlets have been put above the step. While the Imgur user said a better design would have been to put them on the bottom of the step itself.


This design may have proved to be more effective, however, as the outlets are farther from the floor, and much less likely to be kicked or backed into with the front row of seating.


Here is a picture of the finished riser. This was a major milestone for the Imgur user, and he was anxious to move on to carpeting the area.


At this stage, the room has already been completely transformed, and there is still plenty of work to be done to turn it into the media room that dreams are truly made of.


The next step in creating the theater room was to install cabinets. Ready-to-assemble cabinets were used instead of opting for custom cabinets, as they fit the bill well enough.


These ready-to-assemble cabinets are much easier to put together than custom cabinets, and they require much less time. As an added bonus, they are also usually incredibly more cost effective.


He was even able to find one of these cabinets that fit perfectly in the corner of his theater room, with a little shimming and leveling.


Eventually, the beautiful cabinets were installed, which the Imgur user claimed was easy with patience. At this point, the project was yet another step closer to reaching completion.


The carpeting was then added to the room. The shade he picked for the carpet pairs gorgeously with the dark and comforting color painted on the walls, creating an inviting atmosphere.


By now, this clever designer was in the home stretch. All that remained to finish the project was to add just a few finishing touches, such as electronics.image-31

To create a sleeker look, he custom-built shelves to hold the speakers, which are fairly heavy. 90lb wire and toggle bolts were used to keep the center speaker steady and in place.


It was now getting down to the last few details. Many people would opt to make a DIY screen, assuming it to be easier. Not this Imgur user, however


He bought a Silver Ticket brand screen that is a whopping 120”. He claims the extra price was well worth the quick assembly time and easy installation.


Now, it was time for the projector to be installed so that some real cinema magic could be enjoyed in this fantastic media room.


He bought a brand new AV cabinet to hold all of the consoles, a DVD player, and more. However, he soon realized there was a slight issue. There was no way for the consoles to cool.


So, he had to come up with a way to prevent the machines from overheating, which began the careful process of cutting out holes for fans.


Thankfully, his measurements were correct, and the fan fit perfectly. Everything was coming together wonderfully.


Here is a picture of the completed cabinets and AV unit. The marbled granite on the countertops is absolutely beautiful, and goes with the rest of the room well.


The finished product is stunning. The project took years and years to complete, as well as a great deal of labor and money, but the payoff was more than worth it.


It is hard to believe that this incredible home theater was once a storage room in a leaky basement with no insulation. It has been totally transformed by one Imgur user’s hard work, vision, and determination.