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George Clooney and Amal’s New English Country Manor

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin are keeping life interesting with the recent acquisition of a £10 million country home within easy reach of London. Here we get a rare glimpse into the beautiful manor as they embark upon a serious renovation.

The renovation is well under way and is causing havoc for the small town as 60 tradesmen work on the site each day.  Hints of their personal style emerge as we study these private images. Click “Start Slideshow” to get a taste for what the Newlyweds are up to.

Settling Down
Situated within easy reach of London, this unique getaway is nestled in the Thames River. The four-acre estate means there is plenty of room to stretch one’s legs or find a quiet spot to escape. Use the ‘Next’ and ‘Prev’ buttons below to see the rest of this beautiful home and what it is turning into.

English Retreat
The resplendent home gives way to a gardener’s paradise just beyond the terrace. The contrast between perfect globe bushes and creeping greenery is pleasing.

Welcoming Approach
You know you’re in the English countryside as you catch a glimpse the home’s front entrance. The gravel approach, boxed hedges, and untamed greenery add to the allure. This vantage point is deceiving as the home extends back a long way.

Bucolic Beauty
This impressive entryway does justice to the striking interior, marking the space with rustic grandeur.

Great Room
This grand space is sophisticated and inviting with its black and gold accents that pick up the dark grain in the wood floor. Large windows invite the outdoors in.

Inviting Living
A cream colored sitting room comes together nicely with burgundy accents and a rich, dark side buffet.

Peaceful Repose
A beautiful sparkling chandelier is an attention-grabbing focal point in this warm and subdued dining space. The textured grasscloth wall covering brings some of the countryside in.

Chef’s Kitchen
Whimsical touches in this contemporary kitchen give us a taste of the home’s personality. The fun clock overhanging the boldly-colored stove, along with the vintage Jamaica Run poster make the space feel more inviting.

Cozy Eating
The butcher-block table, warm chandelier, and well-used fireplace make for a comfy and casual eating space.

Relaxing Reading

Snuggle by the fire and pass the time in this beautiful reading room. After all, Amal is a Barrister and George has plenty of scripts to read through before he decides which movie to star in.

Guest Luxury
Although sprawling, this is not the master bedroom but it is a warm and inviting space for guests. A little fireplace takes the edge off on cold, damp days.

Calming Master Ensuite
The master bathroom is a spa-like retreat. Clean, sophisticated and serene – no better spot to soak and unwind.

George-able-keep-shape-his-demanding-roles-thanks-popsugar.comWork Out Room

Every movie star needs a place to keep himself fit and trim in the home gym. Although rumor has it that is is Amal who has a very regimented workout plan. And she has the gorgeous body to back up those rumors.

Home Theatre

What self respecting hollywood movie star does not have an epic home theater set up in his house?

Enchanting Vantage
The charmingly aged stairway, porch, and railing clearly have many a story to tell as quiet witnesses to more than a few garden parties.

Rich Greenery
The four-acre property offers many areas to pause and enjoy the grounds. This stone bench faces the back of the house and represents a great spot to stop and smell the roses.

Garden Terrace
This quintessential patio area is a perfect spot for morning coffee or afternoon tea.

Walking Paths
A pretty little bridge adds to the appeal of the well-kept gardens and pathways.

True Country Estate
The beautiful and sprawling grounds are ideal for long walks and reconnecting with nature.

Boat Storage
The spacious boathouse is a water lovers dream.

Steam Room
Tucked away on a corner of the property is a luxurious but quaint steam room. Perfect after a hard day’s work.

Demolition Day

So that was the house that George and Amal spent $15 million on.  But forget all that. The two have begun working on a major renovation. The gorgeous grounds have been transformed into a Home Depot as upto 60 workers arrive each day to transform the old manor into the Clooney’s new dream home.

Pool Priorities

You can see the new pool and pool house begin to take shape to the left of the house. Perfect for those three warm English days each year.

Collateral Damage

But the tiny town of Sonning in Berkshire England are having some trouble accommodating the massive inflow of workers and heavy machinery.

Traffic Jams

The townsfolk are regularly caught in traffic jams where none existed just months ago

Clean Up Crew

To keep piece with the new neighbors the Clooney’s hired a full time clean up crew to pick up the mess and repair any damage to tiny town that the construction causes.  We will have to wait and  if they release any photos of what teh final construction looks like.  If they do we will post them right here.