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Unique Christmas Gifts Men Want & Need

Buying gifts for men is difficult, especially for the man that has everything. A list of gifts men want & need wait ahead. Are you looking for new unique things to add to your collection of manliness or looking for a friend, dad, or brother?

You are guaranteed to be the only one that gets these great gifts. Check out these very unique gift ideas that most of you didn’t even know existed and #30 will take you back in time to the good ole days.


Beer Counter Koozie

Want to keep track of how many beers you have consumed? This is like your beer odometer keeps track for you. Whether you are trying to cut back, need to prove to your significant other or are in a drinking competition either way this will come in handy. Click HERE to BUY

Whiskey Chilling Stones

Made of Natural Soapstone these whiskey stones are great to pop in your drinks to chill quickly without watering your drink down. No mess and reusable you just pop them in the freezer and they are ready within hours. Click HERE to BUY

Smartest Tape Measure

This tape measure will be able to be your extra hands on your job. It takes the place of the extra person. With this tape measure you can use it as a material calculator and estimator, extended reach of 450 ft, file export available and connect with the app. Click HERE to BUY

Back and Body Shaver

Hairy backs no more or asking the embarrassing question of help shaving parts of the body you can’t reach. This is a way to man scape yourself. Do you know someone that can benefit with this? Click HERE to BUY

Pocket Shower Wipes

Need to clean quickly or have no access to running water. No need to worry if you have these pocket wipes. A towel size wipe contains anti-bacterial oils that are nourishing to your skin, disposable and safe for kids and pets as well. Click HERE to BUY

Automatic Beverage Chiller

Chills a drink in 60 seconds, just add ice and your choice of beverage and wait 60 seconds for your cold refreshing drink. It need batteries to spin the drink in the ice but as long as you have all the supplies: canned beverage, ice and batteries you will be good to go. Click HERE to BUY

Bullet Shaped Whiskey Cubes

Chill your whiskey in style, these bullet shaped whiskey cubes will chill a drink without watering it down. Will freeze in just over an hour and then pop them in your drink and in 3 minutes flat you have a cold refreshing drink. Click HERE to BUY

Premium Liquor Subscription Box

Have some of the best liquor delivered right to your door with these subscription boxes. You can choose to have them delivered often or just have a sample box delivered either way try something new.

Multi-Tool Letterman

May be small in size this is every carpenters or handyman’s dream to have access to tools like this. Comfortable enough to wear everyday it includes 29 interchangeable tools. Small yet handy. Click HERE to BUY

Meat Shredder Claws

Have you ever been deemed the lovely job of shredding the meat on holidays? Well when you pull these out everyone will be impressed at how fast you can shred a huge piece of meat. A tool like this makes it more fun for the average man to help in the kitchen. Click HERE to BUY

Locking Code Wallet

With a built in customizable 3-digit lock system this wallet will keep your cash, cards and personal information safe inside. With this compact wallet it is handy for out of town trips or everyday use as well. Click HERE to BUY Similar

Hot Weather Pants

Made from proprietary fabric designed to absorb moisture away from the skin and into the fabric fibers these pants keep you cool. Know someone that likes to hike or exercise in the heat or just gets hot easily Hot Weather Pants are needed. Click HERE to BUY

40-In-1 Multi-Tool Money Clip

Safely store your money and cards but also have a very useful tool as well. This one includes a bunch of miscellaneous tools such as a bottle opener and a cord cutter. These tools may not be the normal things needed but you will be happy when you have that odd ball job that your money clip may be able to help with. Click HERE to BUY

Hot Sauce Subscription Box

Know someone that likes to add hot sauce to everything? It may be you too. So here is the chance to add that kick to everything by subscribing to these monthly boxes. There are several to choose from but who knew they sold monthly boxes of hot sauce. A perfect gift for those that love the heat.
Click HERE to BUY a Gift Basket

Horn Shaped Coffee Mug

Yes, you read right a horn shaped coffee mug. Channel your inner caveman and get you or a man in your life one or these awesome coffee horns. All your friends will be jealous of the unique manliness of this mug. Also just so you know most of these mugs are made of BPA-free plastic and not a real horn. Click HERE to BUY

Hair Trimmer Catcher

Avoid the extra clean up next time you trim your beard or shave. You wrap one end around your neck and then using the suction cups attach the other end to the mirror. It will help with the mess and very easy clean up just go shake it off outside. Click HERE to BUY

Horn Beer Mugs

You can now serve your beer with manliness style. Not only do they look a lot cooler then the Dixie cups they will make drinking your brew much more fun. Be the talk of the night while sharing your horn beer mugs with friends. Click HERE to BUY

Grill Steam Brush

Have a griller in your life. The one thing every griller loves is an easy way to clean the grill. Well here you go that griller in your life will appreciate this one for sure. It uses the power of steam to quickly clean off the tough stains and melted-on food and makes your grill look new. Click HERE to BUY

Gas Pump Liquor Dispensers

Be the most unique home bar in your friend circle. These sleek silver finish gas pumps hold up to 3 of your favorite liquor. Modeled after the old school gas pumps these will be popular for all generations in the drinking years. Click HERE to BUY

Full Body Massage Chair

Who would pass up a full body massage? Not very many people that I know. In the comfort of your own home experience a full body massage with this beauty. It runs on the expensive side but it would be worth it in the long run. Bring the spa to you or your favorite man in the world! Click HERE to BUY

Football Beer Mug

Are you a football lover or know someone who is? This one would be good for football lovers of both genders. Get in the spirit of the game with this mug holds up to 18 oz. Awesome! Click HERE to BUY

Flex Claw Hammer

Ever tried to make that regular claw on your hammer get into space you know just will not work? Well here is the solution a claw that now moves to your need. It will get the angle needed and also has a magnetic nail starter for the hammer end so no more losing nails in cracks. Click HERE to BUY

Extreme Heat Resistant Gloves

Yep we have all been there. Trying to pick up something that is too hot to handle. These Extreme Heat Resistant Gloves are the answer to that problem. With comfort and flexibility these gloves are designed to withstand 932 degrees Fahrenheit. Perfect for the pyros, grillers and fire starters. Click HERE to BUY

Desktop Shipping Container

Even the men in the office want to have a manly feel to their desk. What better way than by adding a shipping container to the mix. Not only is it unique it is useful too. You can now keep the things on your desk organized with this unique piece.

Charcoal Soap

Want to have healthy skin without the Fu Fu look? This charcoal soap clarifies and detox your skin without drying it out, not to mention it looks more like a man’s soap in the form of a black bar. Click HERE to BUY

Acme Weapons Crate

Get the best weapons in history with this Acme Weapons Crate. Nothing says mid-evil more than a crate filled with deadly weapons such as two- handed machete, bull whip and tomahawk along with several others.

Alien Vs. Predator Wood Stove

For all the fans out there this is a must. Looks scare in the daytime imagine what it looks like at night watch out it may scare the kids. Also need to warn your neighbors before lighting this menace of the neighborhood to keep you warm.

Best Gloves Ever

These gloves are flame resistant, made from goat skin. Along with the comfort, these insulated gloves are water proof and wind proof. Every man needs more gloves cannot go wrong here. Click HERE to BUY

Ambient Black Light Display System

Creating an aura of similar colors this system helps protect your eyesight from nighttime television watching. It strengthens the presence effect and enhances your viewing session without making your eyes work as hard. Would make a great gift for late night television watchers or gamers. Click HERE to BUY

Nintendo Electric Guitar

Here is the one that will bring everyone back to the good ole days of when Nintendo was popular. Taken to the next level as an electric guitar now. A very unique gift for the gamer in every man.

Ammo Speakers

Gun Lovers? This is the gift for them. Great looking speaker to put in a shop, garage or man cave. Also would be a great collection piece for any gun collector or enthusiast. Click HERE to BUY Similar 

Banned Coffee

Coffee lover here you go put a little rebellious in your life with this banned coffee. Don’t worry it is completely legal it is just named that because of its strength. It is a potent blend of highly caffeinated coffee in a resealable bag. Click HERE to BUY

Multi-tool Survival Axe

Crafted from heat treated hardened steel this multi-functional tool comes with a crowbar, 6“ blade tomahawk, nail puller and hammer head. You can go through any terrain if you have this bad boy by your side. Click HERE to BUY

No-Spill Pint Glasses

We all have them, klutzy friend that is. They may be gifted with it or it takes a few drinks for them to get there. But these pint glasses prevent those accidents from happening. With a smart grip technology on the bottom of the glass it sticks to smooth, flat or solid surfaces making it harder to spill that drink inside. Click HERE to BUY Similar

Rose Scented Fart Pills

Give everyone the chance to enjoy your farts after taking these pills. All natural ingredients make these pills turn your gag worthy farts to divine smelling roses. Who needs these pills in your life?

The best gift of all is dressing up real nice for the special man in your life. Men love to know you got ready just for him, makes him feel special and appreciated.