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23 Kids Notes That Melted Their Heart

Ever had a child touch your heart in a most unpredictable way? The purity of a child’s mind can sometimes stop us in our tracks and take our breath away.

We scoured the globe looking for the most touching (and sometimes hilarious) kids notes. Number 1 will knock your socks off and if you don’t know whether to laugh or cry you won’t be alone.

23. “Happy valentines”

This adorable valentine note examines the “up in the air” feeling of not knowing just how someone feels about you; but taking a chance anyways. Kudos to this kid for obeying his mother’s wishes.

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22. “P.S.S I still love you.”

Sometimes love is complicated! This note is an example of how even when we are angry; deep down love will still be there after the tough times.

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21. Love Me or Else

This boy later went on to become a drill sergeant and coin the phrase, “Beatings Will Stop After Moral Improves.”

20. “Get out of my life”

This adorable ( and slightly alarming ) note showcases the poignant separation of not only head and stick figure body; but of a little boy and his amicable feelings towards a girl named “Valerie”.

19.”buckets of my tears”

This little girl was upset with her father over his interest in cutting her hair; so she penned this adorable note to him to remind him just how important her hair ( and her love for her dad ) was to her.

18. “I’m breaking up with you”

This pint sized heart breaker wrote out a note that serves duel purposes – ending a “relationship” and celebrating “1 month” of that “relationship” – all in the same note!

17. “I will not”


Julian will not have a great day; even though his mother clearly instructed him to do so. At least he was courteous enough to return her correspondence; on his way to the school bus.

16. “I will miss you hoes”

Timmy may have a lot to learn about the proper vernacular with which to address others; but he definitely has a lot to teach about speaking unbridled from the heart.

15. “I’m sorry but I don’t want a boyfriend anymore.”

Here we see a considerate young lady ( Jenny ) meticulously explaining to young Alexander that she not only needs her space; but also assuring him that he can be secure knowing that none of his friends will be taking his place.

14. “But just do not let your mom see this “

In this toddler sized tale of woe; young Alexa receives the saddening news that her beloved is “going in the other direction” and is “so, so, so, so, so sad” that they have to write this note to her.

13. “sorry for calling you a piece of poo”

Here we see a young lady named “Karah” expressing her love for her mother through the art of the tactful apology.

12. “Because mom does not like you”

This colorful note indicates a strong bond between kids and their father – a bond so strong that honesty always reigns supreme; even when that honesty cuts a bit deep!

11. “You’ll probably never get to see your family again”

Children have the amazing gift ( and sometimes curse ) of getting right to the point. This humorous yet somber Valentines note is a perfect example of the honesty of children. God Bless this little humanitarian.

10. “Don’t come read with me”


As a child who enjoys reading and writing; Owen felt it was necessary to inform his mother via handwritten note that not only would he be reading alone but he would also be tucking himself in.

9. “Thanks for the squirt gun…I will shoot you”


Young Scott has received the present of super soaking power; and has chosen to give a fair warning to his generous gift giver that he plans to attack– watch out! Your well past half way. Almost finished.

8. “I am his mom and what I say goes”

As well known as it is that children love video games; this particular child’s endearment for his PSP handheld console led him down the path of forgery to facilitate his gaming inclinations at school – invoking the power of his mother in this hand written excuse note.

7. “Not to be hard but I need money”

Annisa is a girl who knows how to demand what she is deserved in a delicate way – as she does in this note she wrote to the tooth fairy; which lovingly but sternly details her situation.

6. “My dad wants a horse but my mom says no”

This young horse enthusiast details his love of all things “horse”; while a simple spelling error paints a slightly different portrait. ( It’s okay kid, we know what you meant! )

5. “My mom like’s drinking wine”

Nothing is as flattering as when your children chronicle your achievements and parade their pride in you through their chosen art form – In this case; that art form is a note and that achievement is loving wine.

4. “Lucky to be alive”

There are seldom enough opportunities in adult life to stop and realize our own impending deaths. Sometimes; it takes the gentle and loving words of a child to remind us just how lucky we really are.

3. “My heart felt like broken glass until I saw you”

Young love can be difficult to navigate – but not for this smooth talking young man; who so eloquently summed up the gravity of his affections towards his Zelda loving classmate “Abby”.

2. “Sorry because of nothing”


Apologies can be tough. This is a classic example of under – apologizing. However; the personalized stationary and matching crayon color choice show that personalization doesn’t always have to be verbally expressed.

1. “Sorry your about to die”

As an adult; when death is impending it can be almost impossible to know what to say. When you are a child; there is only one sentence that can really cut right to the heart of how you feel.

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“How do you get into my house?”


Evan is a growing and concerned young child. He cares very much about Christmas and although he understands the protocol involved with a “letter to Santa”; he can’t resist asking that one question – “How do you get in?”.

“Be sure to say goodbye for ever”

Parting is such sweet sorrow; especially for little “Emily” who wrote this adorable note to inform her parents of her impending departure from their household.

“You even have a fridge”


Do you have a fridge? This kid will give you money. If he had any. He loved his hotel stay so much that he penned this sincere review on the hotel’s stationary for the staff to find.

“How to make friends”


This young lady made friends with another young lady named “Sarah” in her own special way. She kicked her in the face and then said “sorry”.

27. “Nobody makes bracelets”


The love of learning runs deep. Children often notice things about a problem that went without notice by others – in this case; it’s the impossibility of bracelet making and the nullification of the equation. Congratulations kid – you broke the system.

“Buy my legos or you’re fired, mom”


This tiny taunting tot has written his mother a demand note – either she purchase his chosen set of Lego’s or she will be terminated from her position. Hopefully they came to some middle ground; for the sake of the company.

“ Sorry I bought so much spongebob”


SpongeBob Squarepants has been a favorite of children and adults alike since the cartoon began airing. This girl couldn’t resist streaming just one too many episodes. How much SpongeBob can a nickel buy, anyway?

“ Ninja”


This little ninja knows exactly what to draw when he’s required to illustrates his ninja costume – nothing at all. He may be losing points in participation, sure, but he’s already grasping irony at a high school level and that’s worth something, right? Only 10 more to go.

“Or maybe even a green one”


This child has an affinity for blue markers, red hot peppers and creepy notes. As startling as this note would be; the disclaimer ( Not for real ) is comforting.

“You should get married. Just not to me.”


Rachel is a girl with her priorities in order. She gingerly advises her former romantic interest ( Shawn ) that he had better get his act together; because if he does not get married one day it would “be sad”.

“P.S You don’t know yourself”


Here we see an age old time honored traditional “check yes or no” love note that seems to have some deep philosophical layers to it. Instead of just checking one or the other; this child chose to delve into existentialism – a much longer lasting impression.

“I love you more than mustaches”

This child has eloquently laid bare the juxtaposition of protecting those you love with the common courtesy of censoring “bad” words; to bring us one of the cutest and foul mouthed endorsements of a mother ever seen.

“The best techer”


This one is the definition of a back handed compliment. Although this teacher was surely flattered that they received a note of appreciation – they surely had to laugh at the fact that they had more “teching” to do. Only 5 more to go.

“I’ve got a poum for you”


This nuanced little novel on a ripped out sheet of paper holds some very loving words. It also has a twist at the end- not only a poem, but also a punchline. Who doesn’t feel like writing a poem when someone eats their snack?

“ You are so mean”


Lauren gets right to the point. There’s not beating around the bush, she clearly doesn’t have much tolerance when it comes to her mother’s attention.



“I miss all of you so badly I could Barf!” is not a sentence you read every day. It is clear that this young child is somewhere having the time of their life.

“You burned my feelings today”


This nature loving little kid has a problem with putting nature aside for television. So much so that it seemed to be worthy of a hand written and illustrated ( with multi colored crayons ) reminder to “never to do what you did today again.” I wonder what they did?

“Have you hird of saten?”


Young Rebekkah has written a letter worthy of the refrigerator. In only five sentences she has managed to fit so much into the note to her Uncle. Her hopes, her affections and even her curiosity about Satan.