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Necessities All Men (Over the Age of 30 ) Should Own. Do You Own #28?,,,,

Necessities All Men Should Own how many do you have on the list? Are you prepared for manhood? Sorry to inform you, you are now a grown-up. Depending on your lifestyle you may have already traded in your casual attire for a more stylish wardrobe. Your gaming systems may no longer be your prized possession. And hopefully you have started taking care of yourself.

But all men like you need a list of necessities some you may already have but others you will need to add to your buy list. So here is a rundown of what you need to improve your style and complete your transition to manhood.


A Decent Wristwatch

A mechanical wristwatch is needed for any man to look and feel better. It can be an expensive, antique, or one with meaning just get you a nice wristwatch and quit checking your phone for time.

A Well-Tailored Suit

You do not need to spend a fortune on one just make sure it is a neutral color such as black, blue or grey. That way you can wear it casual or dress. The neutral colors and a suit that fits never go out of style.

A Nice Bottle Opener

Be sure to spend a little bit of money on this one, we are not talking about the one you used in college. If you do not know what a bottle opener is it is a device that removes metal bottle caps from glass bottles. If you spend the money you can get one that opens bottles along with one with a corkscrew to remove cork or plastic stopper from wine bottles.


Yes some stocks are good no need to become an expert. Just get into to some stock that may be interesting to you and also key rule do not spend money you are not willing to lose seeing stocks are very unpredictable.

A Good Pair of Headphones

On-ear, over-ear, in-ear—just make sure they’re good quality and it may take a pair or two before you realize what best suits your lifestyle. A decent Bluetooth Speaker and Stereo would be great to own also if you want to take the party on the road.

A Do-Anything Weekender Bag

It does not need to be luggage with wheels. Buy a well-made duffel bag that will get better as it ages. Something you can take on a quick getaway but big enough for a couple days of clothes and supplies. Who says you can’t go on a business trip without a little style?

A Proper Bed With Proper Bedding and Multiple Sheet Sets

For obvious reasons if you are signal of course you want a bed that is more grown up that you will not be embarrassed to take a girl to. But any man that is over 30 should really consider how that grungy bed looks to an outsider. Get a decent bed and include extra sheet sets that way when you do laundry you will always have sheets on your bed. Two sets would be a good start.

A Chef Knife

A good quality chef knife will set you apart from the boys. Not only is it way easier to make delicious meals much quicker seeing you have the right tool it also looks good in your kitchen even if you are not the best cook. Just keep it clean and sharp and it will last for a long time.

A Non-Iron Shirt

It sounds corny but I believe in this one. Have you ever needed to get ready very quickly just grab and go, put in on and you look great as ever. Not very good at laundry no need to worry about the wrinkles anymore.

A Grill

Along with owning a great grill make sure you have mastered the art of grilling. There is nothing better than being the grill master of the group. Makes you look manly with the men and cooking earns you points with all ladies.

A Full Shaving/Grooming Kit

Complete with on the go necessities as well. A tortoise shell comb is always a plus and they last forever. A good kit includes the razor, shaving brush, the shaving kit holder, lathering products, after shave, pre shave, a pair of scissors or beard trimmer and make sure it is a kit you can find parts for.

A Fully Stocked Toolbox

Include the essentials such as a couple screw drivers, a hammer, tape measure and a set of pliers. It is always good to keep a good set of jumper cables handy as well. Better to be prepared than out of luck.

A Real Camera

Not the camera on your phone we are talking about a camera that you can adjust, add lenses and has a really good zoom. You can never go wrong with having a nice camera to catch awesome memories.

Nice Undershirts

Undershirts are good for several things; wearing them under a nice button up shirt, to wear to bed when company is around and to just wear for casual attire as well.

A Secret Ingredient

This goes with grilling it is always good to know how to cook but having a secret ingredient impresses people. Even if you just use a certain spice just call it a secret ingredient and it instantly ups the dish to the next level.

A Special Bottle of Whiskey

One you would only break out for special occasions with special people. It does get better with age so letting it sit in the cupboard it won’t hurt it any. Having a classy flask is always good too.

Good Socks and Underwear

This sounds like a given but some people do not keep nice socks and underwear. For some reason even though they are worn everyday it is the least bought in any wardrobe. I guess we just think they will never be seen but you become aware of your under garments very quickly when the time comes up.

A French Press or Coffee-Making Contraption

We are not talking about the pod coffee makers. Get a good premium coffee maker that puts a little sophistication in your home. It may be a coffee bean press or an expresso machine would work too.

Proper Glassware and Proper Beer Glasses

It is always a good idea to have bar ware that matches the drinks you drink or serve. Such as Martinis require Martini glasses, Beer served out of a tap into plastic solo cups does not taste as good as beer served in classy beer glasses. Proven fact! Another tip have proper glasses for your kitchen as well.

A Nice Cash Stash

Well we all know when the end of the world comes you will all need that cash stash. Seriously though, in case of emergencies money is always good to have at hand.

Timeless Sunglasses

A nice pair of aviator shades or manly shades will never go out of style and always make any outfit better. You don’t have to spend a fortune but it is good to get a good quality pair that will not break or scratch so easily.

A Journal

Yes, men have feelings too. Not all feelings need to be documented but it is said that the most successful people do keep track of their thoughts in one way or another. It may be a journal your kids will read one day but don’t let that hold you back on what you share.

A Leather Belt

It is safe to have both a black and brown belt in your wardrobe. Make sure to spend a little extra here they last forever so it is worth it in the long run. Fashion tip: your belt needs to match the shoes you are wearing. You cannot go wrong with a well-made and well-worn leather belt.

Weights/ Exercise Equipment

It can be weights, kettlebells, some form of exercise equipment even a heavy bag will work just something other than your Bowflex you hang your clothes on. It says I am active and not a couch potato even if you never use them it looks good.

A Quality Pocket Knife

A Leatherman is a good brand to go with. The reasons to always carry a pocket knife far outweigh the reasons to not have one. It is a man tool that all need to have.


You never know when you will either need to leave the country in a hurry or just decide to go on a random vacation to create new memories. They last for 10 years so you never know what will happen in that time frame. 

Navy Blazer

A do-everything Navy blazer or sports coat. Going to hang out in the bar or going to a fancy dinner you can dress a blazer up or down depending on the occasion. It is also a piece of wardrobe that will never go out of style.

A Real Piece of Art

Take down your favorite team posters and put up a framed film poster or piece of art. Framed pictures look more intellectual then the classic sports team picture posters. If all else frame you team poster it will fill your home with more class.

Power Tools

Have you ever hired someone to fix something in your house? Save some money and do it yourself if you are capable that is. But it never hurts to be prepared and also it is the manly genetic code to own power tools.

Extra Towels

A fully stocked supply of towels is always a great idea. So go out and get multiple towels not just one. Fun tip the more towels you have the less you have to wash laundry.