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No Arms. No Legs. No Problems – When You Have This Secret Weapon!

Many of us complain about aches and pains, lack of a relationship – missed opportunities. We are often quick to succumb to life’s harsh impact on our outlook towards the world around us.

However, once in a while if you are lucky, you meet a person who can understand adversity in the way that Nick Vijicic can. A person who has taken action in their own lives and utilize the power of choice – choosing positivity, love and optimism as their tool for manifestation of their dreams.

These honored people stand as a beacon of hope and prosperity; and although Nick Vijicic has no legs and no arms; it is these qualities of character and his inspirational legacy that leave him standing taller than many of us can ever hope to stand.

This is the story of how Nick found love, family, children, an action packed lifestyle and a career as a motivational speaker and inspiration to millions.

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Born in Australia with no arms and no legs, Nick’s life started as an uphill battle. While Nick was condemned to a life of disability, he did have the help of supportive parents who deeply love him.

Is it possible to imagine this little boy growing up to be a highly respected public figure who inspires people around the world to be thankful for all the good things in their lives?

Throughout his childhood, Nick heard the unkind words of his peers who teased him about his body and having no arms. His sad expression reveals the daily torment he had to endure at seemingly every moment outside of his home.

Nick was ten years old when he first attempted to take his own life. He believed he would never be able to find a rewarding job, meet a woman who would love him, or have a purpose in this world.

So how did this sad little boy overcome such extreme adversity and learn to live life to the fullest in the way he does today? Nick surfs better than most of us even with no arms and legs….

Enjoys the sunshine from the golf course and can putt with the help of a skillful neck and shoulder….

And is an accomplished world traveler who has visited 44 countries. Have you noticed that he always seems full of joy and has a radiant smile?

Overcoming adversity has helped Nick become a man who inspires thousands of people around the world. He regularly speaks at events for people of all ages, from children to adults.

But overcoming that adversity did not happen overnight for Nick. As a young adult, he remembers feeling alone and isolated in a body that he believed would prevent him from accomplishing his dreams.

With a chip on his shoulder, he remembers reading an article one day that would forever change his life.

He learned of another disabled man who refused to let the hand he was dealt hold him down, and found a new level of determination to learn to do the things he longed to do.

This man with no arms nor legs has learned to play soccer….

Knows how to fish…and even casts his own reel far out into the water.

With a little help from a friend, he’s able to share his love from within with creatures great and small.

But would he ever fully overcome the sadness of his childhood and achieve more than just the ability to complete the same basic tasks that everyone else around him could do with ease?

Nick probably didn’t expect to become a profoundly inspirational person in the lives of so many people throughout the world.

Children gather around him to hear his empowering words and feel the uplifting joy he shares with his kind heart and loving smile.

He enjoys teaching them that they have the ability to do whatever they want, no matter what others have to say. He believes that life is meant to be fun and that we are all worthy beings!

The enthusiasm in his speeches is contagious and powerful beyond words. How can this man who was born with such incredible physical challenges find the inner strength to see the good in all things?

Hanging on his every word, the school children seem to realize that his message is for each and every one of them. No matter how many times they have been teased or ridiculed, he encourages them to remember how truly wonderful they are inside!

He shares with them his belief that even if you are in a room full of people who are mean to you, all you need is one special person to remind you that everything is going to be alright.

He gives them a special coping tool anytime they are feeling down or sad…the memory of his incredible smile!

Nick encourages an audience of adults to ponder a few deep questions: “What’s the point of being complete on the outside when you’re broken on the inside? What’s the point of holding your wife’s hand when you can’t hold her heart?”

But did Nick’s question about holding your wife’s hand betray the missing piece that he still longed for in his life? Being able to dive with no arms nor legs is certainly quite the accomplishment, but can it compare to having a loving marriage?

Nick certainly had overcome incredible adversity and was able to use his body to do nearly all the tasks that normal men could do, but he had doubts that he would ever find a woman who would love him for who he is on the inside.

Yet he still continued to share his message that “Even the worst part of your life can come together for the good.” Nick believed that his role in life was to inspire others, and expressed gratitude over the ability to do so.

He continued to enjoy his life and the skills he had learned to do with body parts that one might have never imagined would be capable of such diverse tasks. But would he ever find a wife?

His unfulfilled desire for a mate never got in the way of his ability to spread joy and laughter to the many people who came to hear him lecture wherever he traveled.

He reminds the group not to focus on the things they want but don’t have, as this just won’t help anything and tends to make us forget all the good things in life that we do have.

Nick’s positive attitude proved him wrong about one thing…there was a woman who would fall in love with him for who he is inside, and her name was Kanae.

Kanae says that Nick is her Prince Charming! When the two were married, Nick accomplished the one goal in his life he truly believed he would never achieve.

The two were even able to dance together at their wedding, much to the enjoyment of the happy crowd of onlookers.

Oprah covered Nick’s life story on her show one evening, bringing the crowd to tears. Nick displayed his commitment to overcome all obstacles by climbing the stairs which lead to her stage.

A standing ovation, kisses from Oprah, the ability to inspire large groups of people, and a beautiful wife….yet was the best still yet to come for Nick?

Nick and Kanae publicly announce that they are pregnant with their first child! While they are thrilled, they must be wondering, will the child be normal?

But ultrasound reveals the wonderful news that their child has 10 fingers and toes, and is a little boy!

Nick absolutely LOVES playing with his son Kiyoshi and is an amazing father!

The beautiful young family show their love for life with their radiant smiles and enjoy spending time at the beach near their California home.

If you thought life couldn’t possibly get any better for Nick, brace yourself for the announcement of the couple’s second pregnancy!

Kiyoshi appears ready for the arrival of his younger sibling in his “Awesome Big Brother” shirt, and the family seems to hardly be able to contain their excitement!

Nick’s second son is just as perfect and beautiful as the first.

Nick’s incredible family is living proof that by never giving up and always looking for the good in all things, absolutely anything is possible!