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Puppy Vs. Train the Ending is a Tear Jerker!

In 2014 US class 1 railroads moved 1.8 Billion tons of freight, that freight included 50 million tons of metals, 100 million tons of food products, 160 million tons of chemicals, 130 million tons of grain and 700 million tons of coal.

Trains usually travel at speeds close to 60 mph and trains cannot stop fast or swerve. With trains averaging about a mile in length it takes an average train about a mile or more to stop after the emergency brake is applied. So if anything is in the way the engineer just has to watch as the train takes out anything in its path including cars at times. There is no telling exactly how many animals are hit by trains each year worldwide.

So you can imagine what the animal aid rescue workers were thinking when they received the dreaded call of a rescue needed near a train track of a puppy being struck by a train.

Would the puppy be alive? How bad are the injuries? If the puppy is still alive will it need surgery? Were they just going to clean up the mess?

Animal Aid sees a lot of disturbing cases when they go in to an animal rescue they never know what to expect on the next one. But on this day they were not expecting this.

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So sadly hundreds if not thousands of animals are hit by trains. The survival rate is not good for the obvious reason of the size of a train vs. the animals.

Animal Aid sees a lot of disturbing cases when they go in to an animal rescue they never know what to expect on the next one. But on this day they were not expecting the severity of the dogs injuries.

A call came in to the animal rescue hotline with Animal Aid that a puppy was needing help urgently next to the train tracks.

Expecting to find a dead to near dead dog.

Imagine the surprise when they arrived to see the puppy waiting on them. The puppy looked as if he knew the rescuers were there to save him.

With his eyes barely open and the flies beginning to land on his sores on his face. Almost in shock from his injuries to his legs. He calmly lays there waiting for help.

The rescuers tried to put together what had happened really quick knowing the puppy need help immediately.

With making sure their safety is number one at the moment they gently try to put a leash around the puppy’s neck. Not having any luck and not wanting to hurt the puppy anymore they give up on that idea.

His legs were shredded and part of legs were missing it is gruesome to look at but imagine the pain this poor puppy is in. The puppy’s injuries were beyond severe and needed to be taken to the animal hospital right away.

You can again see the leash in the background that they were wanting to use for the puppy. Finally one rescuer jumps in and takes a chance on the poor puppy.

With using caution seeing you never know what a puppy in this situation may do. He softly talks to the puppy and trys to comfort him.

He then bends down and begins to pet him hoping to earn the trust of the near dead puppy. He looks as if he is fine with the interaction.

So feeling better about the dog’s attitude he begins to scoop him up in his arms. With the up most gentle ness not wanting to touch the legs that are so badly injured.

Almost all the way up the dog is looking a bit more unsure of what is happening. And I am sure with the pull of the injured legs falling is adding to his pain.

They start the slow journey to the rescue van. The rescuer and puppy are both in the situation they need to trust one another to the fullest.

Trying to easy the intense situation the rescue worker begins to give small talk and air kisses to the puppy for comfort.

The rescuer has pure concentration on keep the puppy as still as possible while moving so she does not experience additional pain. You can feel the intensity in the picture.

The puppy looks at the rescuer knowing he is there to help. Still very serious the rescuer is on a mission to rush the puppy to the hospital.

The others rush to the rescue truck to prepare the back for transporting the badly injured pup. They want to make sure the ride is as comfortable as possible.

Thank goodness the Animal Aid Rescue Team came. They are the puppy’s only hope but the rescuers are preparing for the worse.

Waiting to lay the badly injured pup down the rescuer begins to talk and comfort the sweet loveable pup again. And begins to evaluate the wounds while he waits.

The legs are so badly mangled they are almost unrecognizable. Some of the legs look like shredded meat with no bone to even see.

You can see the sadness that runs through this poor rescuer’s face. Sadness and a bit of dread at what is to come.

Love, hope and praying for a miracle is now leading this mission with these rescuers and puppy. With an injury this bad that is all they can do.

With sober and seriousness of the situation they begin to place the puppy in the truck. With the thoughts of having to put the poor puppy to sleep in their heads they continue on their mission.

Wishing for the best they are saddened by what may be to come. If the puppy does make it through it will be several limbs short.

Here the puppy goes closer and closer to her future may it be good or bad.

Both recscuers and puppy are wanting good results.

But just before placing the puppy in the truck which may be her last ride, the rescuer talks to the puppy and shares his love and bond he had made in this short period of time.

With this enourmaous challenge doctors decide to try their hardest and take on the surgery of repairing the limbs of this badly injured puppy.

The surgery lasted over 5 hours as these doctors fought to save this puppy. 3 limbs were completely crushed and needed immediate amputation.

The rescuers decided to name the puppy DeePak. It took DeePak over a half of year to recover.

But the results are a miracle.

DeePak is now a special needs dog and lives in a rescue that caters to special need dogs.

So he is enjoying life recovering with fellow rescued dogs.

Deepak is carried to a lot of the places he needs to go seeing he was only left with one fully operational leg. He is off to some therapy.

Arriving at the therapy pool the rescuers are so happy you can see the joy that they take in their daily job of helping animals.

The excitement and joy that this poor pup made it through so much and now gets to be with these wonderful people and receive the long waited love that DeePak needed.

Off to swimming therapy it helps with increasing the blood flow to all the limbs including the stubs DeePak is left with on most his limbs.

It takes two to help DeePak regain his balance, the rescuers put the lifejackets on the dogs to help with keeping the dogs afloat and not putting as much strain on their bodies to swim.

DeePak is off to a good start. He seems to be getting the hang of this swimming thing. And looking like a much happier and healthier pup for sure.

Of course the helpers are there to assist when they see DeePak start to sway to one side a bit. He is having a blast with his friends.

DeePak had found himself a ball to play with and looks as if he is going to live a very happy life.

These are DeePak’s limbs and all that is left after his emergency amputations. Maybe one day he will adjust fully to life with very few limbs.

But for now he looks pretty happy in therapy and he is on his way to recovery.

This poor pup has been through so much he deserves the best to come.

DeePak will live his life out in the rescue for disabled dogs seeing with the severity of his injuries he will need constant care and around the clock watch that most normal homes just cannot provide.

This caretaker explained how she loves DeePak and the persona of this dog is what made the rescuers and doctors work extra hard to save his life.

DeePak loves his love an hugs he receives daily from these wonderful people at Animal Aid. DeePak may be disabled but is loved no differently.

DeePak is still a very young dog so he loves his playtime with the workers and fellow dogs. He is a very happy and hyper pup always wanting to play.

But luckily he is in an environment with dogs just like him that have to conquer their challenges daily as well so playtime is a fair game here at the rescue center.

DeePak’s story was sad and horrific but ended with a happy ending. We all love to hear happy endings to stories like these.

DeePak should go on and live a long and happy life.