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The 5 Do Nots of Morning Sickness

This is a follow up to my previous article The Top 25 Do’s to Survive Morning Sickness. Perhaps you might want to start there first and then head back to this one.

The Do Nots are nearly more important than the Do’s.


  1. Get Acupuncture. This was hell for me. The first practitioner I had made me cry every time. When I cursed at him and told him “That BLEEPING hurt!!” He laughed, and said, “BLEEPING, ha ha.” He was actually very Chinese. The second one was much gentler, but even she hit a few points that had me burst into tears. The last thing you want is an actual torture chamber of needles when you already feel terrible. This really did nothing for me, and was very, very expensive.
  1. DO NOT read any of the following books / blogs / Magazines:
  • “What to Expect When Your Expecting.” This book should be re-named “Stuff That Can Go Wrong With My Baby”… Wait until a month before the baby is ready to come. It is not a tough read.
  • Any books about what to eat , how much to exercise, how “blessed” you are. They are all mocking you when you have morning sickness. Save them for the end of this terrible period.
  • Also avoid the “BabyCenter” blog posts. I think most of these blog posters hail from a trailer park, they are generally under 22, stupid and/or not helpful.
  • Fit pregnancy or anything about a Celebrity Pregnancy. It is nonsense and will make you feel bad. I don’t think the 23 year old “comm” major who wrote these articles really understands what its like to be starving and feel like throwing up at the same time, for weeks on end….
  1. Push it. This is not a hangover. I repeat: This is not a hangover. Do not expect morning sickness to act like a hangover. I know that sometimes, when we are hungover, we can just ‘push through’ it and feel better once we are social again. Try this with morning sickness, and YOU WILL LOSE. If you are feeling on the verge of sick, RETREAT. It will win.
  1. Get Used To The Good Days. Around week 11-12, you may get some good days in. Congratulations!! You are almost there!! However, you must remember, Morning Sickness decides when it will leave, YOU DO NOT. So don’t think just because you get a good day, that you are out of the woods. Because when it comes back, it is more depressing than ever. Once you have 3 consecutive days on your hands, its time to party (i.e. enter the bored / “I want a drink” phase of pregnancy.)
  1. Journal. I learned this one the hard way. My journal started something like, “I want to connect with you (baby) and start to get to know you. I think this miracle is so amazing.” By about week 10, it changed to much shorter entries like: “Pregnancy is torture.” No need to commemorate that in a journal… go get a massage instead.

That is my personal guide to Morning Sickness Survival. I hope it brings some peace and good hours to you. I totally understand what you are going through, and just want to leave you with one thought:

This is Finite. It Will End….