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The Top 25 Do’s to Survive Morning Sickness

What makes someone an “expert” in Morning Sickness Remedies?

Do you have to be a Doctor, a midwife, or a OBGYN?

What if you’ve just suffered with Morning Sickness for months on end… and you actually survived?

Well, the latter is what qualifies me. And as a gift to the world, I thought I would compile, in one place, all of the “dos” of Surviving Life With Morning Sickness.

First, you need a mantra. Mine was this:

The Mantra: “This is Finite, it Will End.” Or “This is the last time.”

Next, we move on to the things that you should be doing when you are suffering.

The “Dos”

  1. Get cool, and Stay cool. Don’t think just because you are finally feeling one breath without nausea that you should go for a walk. Stay in the A/C. It is magic. Keep an ice pack handy if you can.
  2. Ice Cubes: Eat Them.
  3. Netflix: Find a Series and watch it. I watched: House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, and Breaking Bad just to name a few.
  4. Eat Ginger: This never really helped me, but it didn’t hurt either and lots of people advocate for it so I am including it on my “Do” list.
  5. Anti-nausea wrist bands. I report a 12% improvement in wearing the wrist bands.
  6. Take Naps. I had a favorite eye patch cover, which does not touch your eyelashes. These are great for complete darkness and napping.
  7. Go to bed early. 8 p.m. is not too early. In fact, 8 AM is not too early. Bed is your friend.
  8. Avoid people. Be a hermit. Its your right. Don’t feel like you have to go anywhere or do anything with anyone. They will understand.
  9. Cancel plans – if you don’t feel like going, don’t try. This applies even if it is important, or you “promised.” There is no such thing as promises in Morning Sickness land… If you try and go anyways, you’ll just end up vomiting on your shoes and crying all the way home. Trust me on this one.
  10. Rotate Beds. Who says you have to just sleep in your bed? If you have another one, mix it up, and go Facebook in there for a few hours. It helps the day pass.
  11. Ask for help. Everyone else around you is generally in the land of the living, and they want to help you. Let them – they can watch your kid, bring you food, clean your house, etc. Ask them to help!!!
  12. Read Mommy Blogs. This is only for when things are really bad, and you just need to cry. I would not recommend doing this one more than twice a week. But for some reason, it does help to know that other women are going through the EXACT SAME THING right now, just like you, and they too, will survive.. because *Mantra* This is Finite…There is an End…
  13. Eat whatever you can. If all you feel like is Doughnuts, eat a doughnut. If you feel like Cheetos, eat Cheetos. And DO NOT JUDGE YOURSELF. At this point, stay away from the “fit preggy” blogs (more on this in the “don’t’s).
  14. Ignore them. If your gut says ignore the person, because they are not going to make you feel better, then ignore them. I don’t care if Oprah is calling you, if you don’t want to talk to her, you should not.
  15. CocaCola (original only). For some reasons, a classic Coke always helped settle my stomach. Maybe it will yours too.
  16. Massages / Facials. As many as you can afford to get. Darkness, coolness, someone touching you and you don’t have to do anything? Heaven.
  17. Restorative yoga. I found this to be almost as good as a massage – it is usually a longer class, and has about 4 poses in total. So you basically just lay there. And, it is about 1/5 the cost of a massage.
  18. Capitalize on the “Good Time.” If you only feel good in the morning (like I did) – make a big deal out of that time.   Go out to eat, ask Hubs if he can go into work a little late to spend the mornings with you – because you will be hermitting in the evenings. Mornings still have hope.
  19. Mint. Fresh mint helped – try it in citrus tea perhaps.
  20. Milk and honey. Warm it up. Drink it up. Go to bed.
  21. Car rides. When I was really sick, I didn’t want to “go” anywhere, but movement seemed to help. On days I was traveling, riding, or cruising, I felt better.
  22. Facebook. You can’t abuse this one, or it will not work, but I don’t think you will abuse it (your too private for that)…When I felt terrible, and posted it on facebook, so many moms and friends and everyone reached out and tried to help. This made me feel so great. So, if you are ready, reach out and let people know what you are going through. There genuine caring responses are really nice to hear.
  23. Cry. Sit and cry like a baby. Let it out. Cry because you hurt. Cry because you are frustrated. Cry because it’s never ending. Cry because your hormones have you more jacked than a meth-head tranny. Cry, Cry, Cry. This has a success rate of 80% feeling better after a good cry.
  24. Ask Your Hubs. To be with you, even if its just laying in bed. It gets lonely – and he doesn’t exactly know how to help. So by just letting him know that you want him there (or wherever you want him) – it will make you both feel better.
  25. Doctors Appointments. These are the milestones that pull you through the tough months. Every time you get to hear his/her heart beat, or see them, or just know they are there, it will be a good day. Morning sickness be damned on these days.

Guest Author: Megan D., Author, Peaceful Parent Advocate, and Mindful Mummy