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Mind Blown! (I bet You Can’t Guess What You Are Looking At Without 2 Clues.)

With billions of data points entering your brain every second, your grey matter is the “King of Shortcuts.” In an attempt to process all of that information it makes huge assumptions and then just ignores the data because it thinks it knows what is going on. In just a moment we will show you the best illusion we have ever seen.

To understand why it works, lets take a look at some simpler illusions that incorporate just one of the mental tricks your brain will play on you at the end.

14. The Flying Boat. Your brain relies heavily on shadows for clues as to what is going on. Because the water is so crystal clear the boat does not cast a shadow on the water as usually would. Instead the shadow is on the bottom of the sea. Your brain makes the assumption the boat is flying because it the shadow is not where it is expected.

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13. Two Women Kissing. Do you see two women kissing? Look carefully. Just one woman with some paint on her face. The paint creates some pointers for your brain to assume and your brain fills in the rest.

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12. Celebrity Monsters. Stare at the line in between the celebrity images and watch them turn into monsters. The brain makes more assumptions in your peripheral vision than in your point of focus. As to why your brain assumes monsters…. I am not sure?

11. Again shadows deceive. I know it doesn’t look like it but the squares market A and B are actually the same color. If you drop it in photoshop you can prove it to yourself. Again the shadow of the cylinder tricks your brain. Your brain reasons that if it looks the same in the shadow then in fact it must be lighter… so your brain makes it lighter and there is nothing you can do about it.  The checkered pattern also creates a pattern to fool your brain.

10. Man or couple? Even the dog on the road contributes to looking like a hand on the lapel of the old man looking to the left. Because your brain is trained to look for faces you just need to give it a little nudge and it will find a face.

9. Pulsing image? Nope. Its a jpeg. Depending on where you focus your brain changes things in the peripheral so it makes more sense to the brain.

8. Beautiful Sketch? Nope. It’s a photograph. The butterflies and signature are on the wall behind and that is a live model with sketch marks painted on her.



7. Spirals or Circles? If you focus around the arc of any of the circles you can see the squares are arranged in circles. But in your peripheral your brain changes them into spirals to help make sense of the orientation of the squares. If the squares were not twisted you would see circles not spirals.

6. Which Obama? The mouth and eyes on the left Obama have been photoshopped upside down. Because your brain makes a lot of assumptions about faces it makes more sense of photoshopped Obama. A few features the right way up is better than none. But when the images are inverted the upside down features jump off the screen as weird.

5. Curved lines? An oldy but a goodie. The lines are actually straight. Hold your phone or some other straight edge up to the screen if you don’t believe me.

4. Eyes Straight Soldier! Is this guy looking straight or right? Use your hand to cover first the left half of the image and then the right. Again your brain is easy to trick when it comes to faces. Your brain sees millions of faces and nothing else that looks even close to it. So it makes lot of assumptions.



3. Black dots? See the black dots at the intersection of the white lines? In your peripheral you do. Your brain added them because it thought they should be there.

2. Where is the “not suitable for work” warning? Relax. They are just a pair of feet in high heeled shoes. Shame on your mind. And now our big finale…

1. Can you tell me what you are looking at? I can tell you it is not a photograph of an animal. If you need clue click next?

Clue number 1 – The eyes are painted on a flat surface. Click next if you need another clue.

Clue number 2 – There is a person in this image.

Third and Final Clue – There is a women’s torso in this image. Click Next for the answer.

The animals nose is a women’s back. Her shoulders are at the top and on her hips have the nostrils of the beast painted on them.  We think this is an incredible piece of body painting. I hope enjoyed this article and will share it with your friends. Please consider some of our other articles.