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Unbelievable Tech Advances That May Replace Humans (#5 is Just Wrong)

The world is such a different place than it was 10, 20, 30 years ago! Computers and automation are making many parts of our lives easier but sometimes things go too far. You won’t believe how creepy #1 is!

Sometimes tech advances eliminate the need for us to do things we don’t like but can you imagine a world where people and robots interact seamlessly? We aren’t there yet but we wonder what the next 10 years will bring.

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  1. Robosem the robot teacher

Robosem teaches English in South Korea. South Korea also plans to introduce robots into every kindergarten classroom. They say they can’t replace teachers but they can be “excellent extensions of parents and teachers at home and in the classroom.” We’ll have to see it to believe it.

  1. Tug the hospital robot

San Francisco is home to Tug. Tug will not give you the warm and friendly smile of a hospital nurse or orderly but they will deliver things like food and drugs. They are also very strong! Able to carry 1000 lbs, we hope they don’t run anyone over.

  1. Foldimate the clothes-folding robot

Who loves folding laundry? NOBODY. Stick a shirt in, press a button, and it’s folded. Brilliant. We welcome this. Now if only it could pair socks…

  1. Robotic Musicians

Worried about quality for your wedding band? Take human error out of it and hire the robot band Z-Machines. Not sure if they can take requests, but they definitely won’t try to duck out early.

  1. Robot Athletes

These guys have a long way to go because they seem to fall over a lot. Perhaps you might watch them compete for the love of comedy rather than for the love of sport.

  1. Alexa the Virtual Assistant

Now if you have a burning question, you can just ask it to the air and it will be answered. Always listening, always understanding, always ready, Alexa turns on when you call her name and answer pretty much anything. And don’t worry, if your daughter is called Alexa, you can change Alexa’s name, so there is no confusion!

  1. Chip the robotic dog

If you can’t fully commit to a real dog, Chip might be the answer for you. Fun, affectionate and cute, he’ll never chew your shoes. That said, he also won’t keep you warm at night.

  1. Google Self-Driving Car

This car relies on sensors and software to take you to your destination with negligible effort. Reviews suggest the car is quite ‘timid’ but smart and won’t make rash decisions like road-raging human drivers tend to. Why not take a taxi if you don’t want to drive yourself? Small talk of course.

  1. Bartending Robots

Quantum of the Seas cruise ship is home to two superhuman bartenders. No personality means no attitude. Just your drink. Cheers to that.

  1. Self-Reading Children’s Books

For the love of reading, there are apps that will read books aloud to your children. Perhaps educational, entertaining and not the worst thing in the world, we just hope the authenticity of bedtime stories aren’t replaced.

  1. The Robot Chef (1)The robot chef, which is really a pair of robotic hands, stirs, pours and monitors cooking temperatures. Ultimately, it will be able to make over 2,000 dishes. Designed for commercial applications, it could revolutionize the restaurant industry.

  1. Cleaning robots

Hate vacuuming and mopping? Meet the NeatoBotvac and the iRobot Braava. The only thing they meet “creep” out is your dog.

  1. Kibot the robot playmate

Kibot has a monkey face and can interact with your child in all kinds of ways – read books, sings songs, play games… It even utters a few phrases. Parents can also remotely control it with a phone. Why play with a real child when you could play with a robot?

  1. The robotic lawn mower

There are several ways to accomplish cutting your grass. You could do it yourself. You could hire a lawn service. You could pay a neighborhood teenager or, better yet, make your own kid do it. Well now there is one more way – a robotic lawn mower. We must admit, it looks pretty sleek.

  1. Litter Robot the litterbox robot

This is an automatic, self-cleaning litterbox. I don’t think we’d blame anybody for buying this except that it is huge. It may need its own dedicated room.

  1. Diego-San the robot baby

As far as we can tell, there is no purpose to this robot other than to try to create a humanoid baby robot, and well, to give you nightmares!! Let’s just say, if all babies were this CREEPY, there’d be a whole lot less babies.

  1. Robot journalists

They can’t write editorials but they can write stories based on algorithms, like financials, sports and other data-based topics. We’ve probably all read articles that were created by robots and never even knew it.

  1. Kirobo the robot astronaut companion

This might be our favourite human replacement. At just over a foot tall, this cute lil’ fella is a friend for lonely astronauts in space. He is capable of speech, giving astronauts someone to chat to in otherwise isolation.

  1. Avatar security robot

These robots can inspect sites when personnel are not there, and are even capable of climbing stairs. This has implications for speed of response, safety, and cost-savings. It also has a cousin that helps law enforcement. Pretty cool.

  1. Sophia the humanoid robot

She’s got baby-soft skin, 62 facial expressions and wants to be your friend. Her creators say their goal is to have her be indistinguishable from a human, forming real relationships with people. We are skeptical! That said, we don’t doubt that someone, somewhere will fall in love with her if they haven’t already. CREEPY!

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