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Why You Need To Bury Some Gold on Your Property

The fact is currencies are not eternal. They can and do die. In fact they die all the time. If we went back in time say 150 years, almost every country on the planet used a different form of currency than they do now.

So what happened? The answer is, one currency died and another replaced it. So that begs the question… What causes a currency to die, and what does society look like when a currency dies?

It is debt that kills a currency. When governments take on too much debt eventually they get to the point where they simply can’t pay it back.

At that point, they have 2 options.

The first is to default on their loan repayments and declare bankruptcy. The result of this is that the currency is seen as significantly less prestigious. The value of that currency collapses almost over night. The cost of imports sky rocket, and you can buy a lot less than you could with the collapsed money.

The second option a government has, is to simply print more money to pay off the debt. This has the exact same consequence. The more scarce something is the more valuable it is. If something ceases to become scarce, then it loses its value.

History shows that this process can accelerate very quickly, and eventually you can get hyperinflation. At that point money becomes next to worthless. You can no longer buy your groceries, pay your rent or anything else. The economy crumbles and people return to a barter system just to get by.

I will explain the solution to this in a moment, but first I want to take a minute to impress upon you just how often this happens.

Hyperinflation has hit hundreds of countries in the last 100 years.

It’s even happened twice within the United States prior to 1900.

And the fact is that virtually the entire world is drowning in its own debt, and like always, in the later stages it is accelerating quickly.

The truth is that it is very likely that we will see some major western economies, including the US, go through either a debt default or hyper inflation in the next 10-15 years. But it could happen much, much sooner as well.

The whole system is built on confidence and every day the national debt goes up, confidence goes down. Once confidence goes, there is a scramble for the exits and currencies can tumble.

For that reason it is imperative that you prepare for a currency crisis caused by debt.

Because if that happens, your savings held in your local currency won’t be able to save you. You will need something to trade and barter with to get food and supplies to ride out the crisis.

History shows that through out every currency crisis, people revert back to using gold and silver as money to trade and barter with.

Having precious metals on hand is a critical step toward protecting yourself and insuring against a currency crisis. And even if there is no currency crisis, how are you any worse off from having some money invested in gold and silver? With the sky rocketing national debts that most countries are experiencing, gold and silver could just prove to be an amazing investment even if your currency survives.

Time and time again we see people having to liquidate assets for pennies on the dollar in a crisis because they did not have enough precious metals on hand.

For these reasons it is imperative you have at least some insurance against a currency crisis

It costs you next to nothing to transfer some of your wealth to precious metals and hide it at home for a rainy day. During an emergency the benefits are enormous and when those people who failed to prepare need you, you are in a position to either help them with some charity or buy up the assets they are liquidating for pennies and skyrocket your own personal wealth. Either way they are better off for your prudence.

So when it comes to protecting your wealth, it’s downright imperative that you keep some precious metals securely stored on your property. Doing this could be one of the most important actions you can take.