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Prepare your Oracle 1z0-1077-20 Exam With the help of Exams4sure

Oracle 1Z0-1077-20 Order Management Cloud Payment Test will enable you to pass all the Oracle certification exams. You should be aware of the fact that there is an exam that is centered on different topics and this exam is also called the Order Management Cloud Payment Test or the Payment Tester’s Test. This is conducted by Plunkett Test, Inc. The test will help in passing the certification exam for Oracle 1Z0-1077. This exam is offered by Oracle Consulting Technologies. Oracle Consulting Technologies has been offering Oracle certification exams since 1995.

Oracle is considered to be a very comprehensive system when it comes to software. There are various modules with every single aspect of Oracle software involved. Each aspect is associated with a specific function. All these functions together form the foundation of Oracle.

Why Choose Oracle Certification

It is quite simple to understand why Oracle is so comprehensive. Order Management is one of its most important features. This is because the smooth running of an Oracle server can only be achieved when you can properly manage your inventory. When an order is placed, it is immediately transmitted over the network to the warehouse so that the items are received and recorded accordingly. This is one of Oracle’s most important features.

One way of managing your inventory is through the use of an Oracle Enterprise Manager. The EMA is responsible for controlling your company’s purchasing activities. The purchases are done based on your budget and the number of items being purchased. Based on the budget and the number of items being bought, the prices are set and the items are shipped to the warehouse of the company. The whole process happens instantaneously.

Order Management is what allows the data being sent to the warehouse to be converted into a format that is easy to read and understood by warehouse workers. Oracle Enterprise Manager separates the different aspects of your purchasing activities. You don’t need to be concerned with integrating the EMA into your business applications. You don’t even have to be aware of how your orders are managed. Prepare your Oracle 1z0-1077-20 Exam like a pro with the help of Exams4sure is the best and authentic source to get the oracle 1z0-1077-20 Questions Dumps 2021.

The EMA will automatically generate invoices at regular intervals and send them to your customers. You only need to generate the invoices once and then you can use them for all your customers. You will be able to generate as many invoices as you want and whenever you want. Invoicing is one of Oracle’s powerful tools.

How to become Oracle Certified

Oracle Order Management comes along with Oracle Enterprise Financials, the software that is used to back your accounting data. With this package, you can process payments over the internet securely and accurately. You also get to have access to real-time charts and graphs. Order Management Cloud Payment solution comes with its server. It is one of the most popular open-source solutions that you can use. Most of the time, the companies that use this system are financial institutions such as banks, card companies, and payment processors.

Oracle Order Management is very user-friendly and it has all the features that you would find in an ideal ERP system. Order Management Cloud Payment solution is flexible and cost-effective. It can be used on any size business and it gives complete control to the personnel at the front end. The server database is scalable and so is the number of servers and terminals that are needed to run the system.

Oracle Order Management is designed to be compliant with all the current industry standards. This way, it will be easy for a company to upgrade its order processing requirements whenever required. Also, this system is fully compliant with Oracle 7.3. The architecture of Oracle Order Management is based on a principal model, namely, an object-oriented system where all transactions are initiated by a client application. Also, there are two views of data in Oracle Order Management: one is called the active view and another one is called the passive view.

Order Management Cloud Payment solution comes with the following major components: Oracle Enterprise Manager, an enterprise database server; Oracle Payments, a Java-based interface for accepting electronic payments using credit cards or debit cards; Oracle Enterprise Information (OEI) that holds the master account information; Oracle Financial Transactions, a set of related modules that facilitate the processing of financial transactions; Oracle Great Plains Application Server, an integrated platform for programmers to use in creating web applications; and Oracle Installation System, a software package that helps in the installation of Oracle server. With these parts, you can create an online/offline/customizable service that will be available to your clients. You can also use it as an Oracle Business Portal. This system also includes Oracle Web Services (OWS), an extensible lightweight platform for developing Web services applications. Furthermore, OE has an enhanced version of the Oracle Enterprise Manager.


In conclusion, this article has shown you how to set up the Oracle Order Management Cloud Payment system. Oracle Enterprise Manager is installed on your computer, so you do not need to worry about installing it. Also, with the help of OE, you can create an online/offline/customizable service that will be available to your clients.


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