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Marketing your Art Work: how to do SEO as a Photographer

Would you like to increase the number of clients to whom you can do photo shoots? Would you like to increase turnover, grow and earn more?

What would it be like if you could be sure of being constantly contacted by the web thanks to your photographer SEO?

Whether you do wedding, corporate, newborn, pregnancy, still life photography shoots or whatever, you have a good chance of boosting your business through photographer SEO. In this article I will give you 8 free tips on how to develop the structure of your website to optimize the positioning on search engines in order to acquire new customers.

If you can put all these tips into practice, you could receive 20, 30, 40 more requests per year (who knows how many? There are endless variables that affect the final result. Let’s get started!

1. Optimize your website with the right keywords

This is the most important part, because without proper keyword analysis you cannot take the next steps. All optimization revolves around a good keyword analysis.

2. Organize your portfolio

Organize the portfolio of works created in a hierarchical order so that the container pages pass authority to the rest of the pages.

Dedicate a page to each keyword. In fact, if you put all the keywords on the same page you will be penalized by the search engines, as you will be labeled as SPAM. You have to hierarchize them with a geographical criterion, or by main category, down to subcategories.

Accompanied by the publication of portfolio works, this allows Google to understand that you are the expert in a particular area or category. Also make sure the portfolio pages are well linked together. Put the right tags and categories based on the keyword analysis done previously.

3. Share, Share Share and… Share

Never get tired, every time you do a job post it on the website putting 8, 10 photos and briefly describing what you did. The number of photos is not important. The important thing is that you do it regularly.

I know it is a big commitment, but I assure you that if you invest an hour to upload new works to the portfolio, you will reach the end of the year that you will have accumulated a huge competitive advantage over the competition.

Quantity (as well as quality) is a fundamental element to compete at high levels.

4. Created a dedicated page for every service.

For example, if you deal with:

It is very important to dedicate a page to each of these services, so that Google does not get confused and individually understand which services you perform. Then enter these pages in the menu to make them easier to find and crawl to the google robot.

5. Write Articles and Give Advice to your Readers

Organize a blog section and talk about photography topics to boost your photographer SEO. Obviously, write articles based on keyword analysis. In addition to positioning yourself for individual searches on the engines, you will “make it clear” to Google that you are giving a quality service to your reader and it will reward you with a better positioning of the whole site.

This may seem like a small thing to you, but I assure you that a lot of people could read your articles, and a small part of them, contact you for a professional photo shoot.

6. Optimize URL’s with the right keywords

URLs are another key part of the job. For each page you have to change the URLs that wordpress automatically generates for you when you enter the title. You have to eliminate all “stop words” and reduce the length to the bone.

This thing about propositions is not a commandment, in the sense that you can also insert them and it does not change much, but what I have noticed over time is that a long URL does not allow google to understand what the page is about.

7. Speed up your website

The faster the site loads pages, the more conversions you receive (I mean contacts and calls for photo shoots). You can do this by installing a cache plugin and configuring it well, there are many.

Speed ​​is often also affected by hosting (the web service provider), so I recommend you switch to Siteground immediately. It costs slightly more than a classic Aruba, but improves your site’s performance drastically.

8. Optimize your Google My Business

Google My business is that tab that appears at the top under the Google search box. You can see it below highlighted in yellow.

It appears whenever a search is made for a service that contains an area, a city, an area. For your photography industry it is very important!

Make sure it contains the right keywords to make you appear in local searches.


This article covers mostly On-page optimization. There’s a lot more that goes into SEO. If you’re looking for help we would recommend this Tofino SEO agency.


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